Olympian Super Low Swim Brief


timoteo-olympian-super-lowThis year Patriotic (Flag) swimwear is HUGE. So many brands have come out with different pairs. The trend has gone world wide including flags from Brazil, Australia, UK and more. The bulk of the trend is the US flag. Timoteo has put his own unique spin on flag motif. It’s not a literal interpretation but a more abstract view!

Timoteo has a very unique style that has set him apart since he came on the underwear scene. He’s not afraid to design super fun underwear/swimwear. While not known for swim specifically, he has made some really incredible swimwear over the years. I think after the last two seasons more and more guys will be wearing Timoteo Swim. He keeps getting better and better! So there is no better time than now to try it!

I think this pair is going to go down as one of his more memorable pairs! It has a very clean look. The front is solid white with two red stripes on each side. From the front you wouldn’t know what has a blue background with white stars. The style is the Super Low swim brief they currently produce.

To me it has a very Olympic feel to me. I just think of the summer games! I think this is because in the 80’s and 90’s they would release patriotic/flag inspired swim briefs to coincide with the games. They were always something like this. Imagine if we had our Olympians in Timoteo swim briefs!

Timoteo has out done it with this pair. One thing you should know is this is a limited edition pair. So if you’re interested in getting it, get it sooner than later because it maybe gone. It currently is $40 on the Timoteo site.