#2731 Full Package Bikini Black (crotch & Butt Padding) # 1

Shape wear for men has become a staple in the world of men’s underwear. Over the last few years the brands producing it has exploded. Over the evolution it has gone from function to fashion. The first ones were just standard but now they have added a bit of fashion to the design.

The collection consists of 6 unique body shaper garments designed to lift, sculpt and contour specific problem areas in the male anatomy such as the buttocks, stomach, waist and crotch area. These garments are designed to help guys look their best under their daily attire or for that special event by displaying a more sculpted looking rear end and torso giving your body and confidence an extra boost.  The padded underwear are made of soft/cotton lycra with strategically designed padding in the butt and crotch to instantly contour and lift those areas. The Full body and Torso shaper are constructed from a soft and stretchy power-net fabric made of nylon/spandex to instantly give you a slimmer and contoured shape.

The Male body shaper collection consists of the following items and come in the classic black and white colors:

  • Padded bikini (padding in the butt and crotch)
  • Padded butt bikini
  • Padded butt boxer brief
  • Torso shaper (goes on and wears like a tank top)
  • Full body shaper
  • The “package” Lifter (gives your family jewels a more defined profile under your clothes)

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#2733M Padded Boxer Brief (back only) White # 1 #2738 Body Shaper White  #3 2 #2738 Body Shaper Blk #2 2

#2735 Torso Shaper Blk # 1 #2733M Padded Boxer Brief (back only) White # 3 #2731 Full Package Bikini Black (crotch & Butt Padding) # 3