Uncensored Range


aussiebum-uncensored-briefaussieBum is on fire this year. They have been on a release schedule that seems every week there are 2-3 pairs being released. We have shown you some great new undies and swimwear from them. Now they have another super fun line just released. The new range they just released is the Uncensored line. You maybe asking, Uncensored? Yes it’s a line made out of mesh knit fabric. Which is some what see through. Meaning it’s not a pair that you will be able to see all your business at first glance.

Uncensored is is available in two styles and colors. The styles are a brief and Jock. Where as the main colors are black and white. Basic but has a contrasting waistband color.

  • Styles –  Jock and Brief
  • Fabric – 92% Cotton, 8% Elastane
  • Colors: Red or Green waistband with White and Black fabric
  • Mesh Fabric
  • Cost: Jock $19 Brief $22

Find the Uncensored range at the aussieBum website