We here at UNB got another interview, this time with Ginch Gonch. I had the honor of talking to Rebecca the Director of Schmoozing. She gave us some insight for the new line and whats coming up for them!

What was the inspiration of the new line? ( and any other interesting facts you can tell me about how it was created):

The Load’n & Dump’n line is inspired by kid’s toy dump trucks and construction equipment. What makes it so unique is that it combines something very typically male and rugged with something fun (toys) which is what Ginch is all about-having fun with your toy. Like our motto says, “Live like a kid!”. The theme of the Load’n & Dump’n collection allows for a lot of creativity when it comes to product names which include: “Pooper Scooper”, “Big Rig”, “Shaft Blaster” and “Jack Ham’Er” and that is also definitely a big part of the product.

Your company has a different view on underwear, what is your philosophy for making new and creative underwear?

We believe in perpetually reinventing the line and pushing the limits of what is considered the norm. Whereas some companies stick with the “if it aint’ broke don’t fix it” philosophy, we do our best to go outside of the box and try new things out. The only thing that never changes at Ginch Gonch is that everything always changes. That’s how we keep it fresh and our customers coming back for more.

In this day and age, things change so rapidly that the public demands novelty at a much faster rate than in previous eras. By perpetually coming up with fun and innovative designs, we ensure that our customer stays entertained. Not only will we launch a new collection every season like most apparel brands, but we will come up with surprise mini-collections here and there that reflect current inspirations and what people in the world are talking about.

I see you’re having a website redesign, can you tell us what will be new in the site?

Yes we are completely re-designing our website which is scheduled to launch next week. The new Ginch Gonch site will feature the Load’n & Dump’n collection as well as all previous Ginch Gonch collections from our classic “Crotch Rockets”, a retro line featuring motorcycle drivers, to the reworked “Jolly Cocks” line, undies with little roosters all over them.

People will be able to view all collections, get news and updates from the Ginch Gonch team, and watch some of our famous Ginch Gonch videos. There will also be a large portion of the site devoted to our new online store which is really exciting.

What has been your best selling line?

Some of our best sellers have been the “Crotch Rockets”, “Weiner Eaters” (featuring mini hot dogs) and the “Jolly Cocks”, but all collections have done very well. In fact these three are part of our new “Reworks” collection that includes older styles that did so well in the past that due to popular demand, we brought them back in new color combos.

Anything that you are planning for the future that you can share with us?

We have actually been working on women’s and kids apparel-scheduled to be released in December-to match the men’s line which we think is going to do phenomenally well.

We are also planning a major photo/video shoot in Colombia for next year’s collection in December. We are expecting quite a few people from the media to come down with us. And it should be a blast.

Of course we are working on several other new and exciting projects but if we told you now it wouldn’t be a surprise (wink).

Make sure you head over to the new website and check it out as well. In case you don’t know it it’s http://www.ginchgonch.com. Also look out here in the next few days for a review on the new line!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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