In the research of doing this blog, I have run across some really cool companies and they are doing some great things. One of those companies is Sweat Undergear. They are a company based in Canada and just launched in July of this year. So they are a relatively new company in the world of underwear.

One thing that has struck me was their commitment to quality and comfort. Many more companies are focusing on quality, some we have interviewed on the site before. Sweat, like many companies, is paying attention to the materials that go into the underwear as well as the construction. Sweat focuses on the quality but they want a line that will carter to sex appeal as well. You can tell they have taken a lot of time in creating this message of quality and sex appeal in their pictures and website.

Sweat takes pride in the quality and sex appeal. And here is what they say about their line and the company: “Sweat wants our clients not only to look sensual and sexy, but to feel that way wearing our product. Thus we chose fabrics and waistbands that are second to none. We also sought out a factory that would produce high quality stitching to ensure our garments lasted the test of time. The comments we are receiving from our customers confirm that we have met our goals when they tell us the feel of our underwear is the best they have worn. Sweat Under Gear’s design also pays close attention to details. One example of this is that we have our waistbands cut by hand so that there is no overlapping of the Sweat logo at the back seam. As far as we know we are the only company that does this. “

When asked what was the inspiration for the brand they said “Our friends kept telling us that they wanted to see a line of underwear that reflects their active lifestyles, shows off what they got, and that didn’t have shiny fabrics and outrageous prints.” Said Talon Thompson, co-owner. “Underwear that suits a man not only in his 20’s, but in his 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s.” While underwear should be fun, not all guys like the patterns and fabrics. With Sweat underwear, you can wear it to the gym and not get strange looks from other guys in the locker room. “

Since the line was released, they have focused on a core of products. They include: Sweat Briefs, Sports Briefs, Sweat Jocks, Fighter Briefs and Sweat Trunks.

  • The Sweat Briefs has the typical styling of a regular brief, but with grey piping around the pouch. Which is to accent your assets.
  • The Sports Briefs are made for the active guy. They are used to give you more support then the typical briefs.
  • Sweat Jocks have the classical jock styling but been updated for an active guy. The most noticeable feature is cotton spandex pouch. This will make it comfortable for you to wear them daily and not just to the gym.
  • Fighter Briefs are inspired by classic wrestling briefs worn by today’s cage fighters. These have become one of the most popular styles by Sweat.
  • Sweat Trunks are ones that have a low waist but still covers everything that needs to be covered. They are made out of a cotton spandex blend that will make it very comfy for you to wear.

The last thing they are doing is they have a calendar for 2009. All of the pictures from the website and I’m sure a few more are included. It’s a really sexy calendar, and one you can have around the house for the New Year. I’m not sure you’d have it work; I don’t think it would be too work friendly. But it’s $10.95 with free shipping.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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