Presenting part 4 in the series by Daniel Milijkovic, designer for the men’s underwear brand Obviously, on the 10 things that make men’s underwear comfortable

Part Four: Sweat Absorption

Most people hate sweating at the best of times, everyone hates sweating in their underwear.

But the reality is that we do sweat, its unavoidable particularly in our underwear but fortunately there area  number of things you can do to improve the comfort when you sweat.

First a look at the problems that sweating can cause. To combat the heat build=up I talked about in Part Two: Breathable, Natural Fibers the body will begin to sweat to cool itself off.

This sweating obviously leads to moisture and if the material that your underwear is made from is not water absorbent you leave yourself open to all kinds of fungal infections including the most common: jock itch.

While all materials and fabrics will absorb some level of moisture the trick is to look for fibers that have high hygroscopic properties, which means the material will absorb surrounding moisture.

Generally the natural fibers are better at this then synthetic ones. For a number of years cotton has done a great job of absorbing unwanted moisture and reducing the discomfort of sweating. More recently the emergency of Modal fabric has further reduced the discomfort caused by sweating as it is 50% more hygroscopic then cotton.

Naturally when designing our Obviously for Men range we took the hygroscopicity of the fabric into consideration, and our selection of Modal ensures that sweating in your underwear is a thing of the past.


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