Jockstrap Central has a new model they are working with, Stefano. Here is some info about him and his pics.


We met our latest model Stefano a while ago and we just knew he’d be great in the new camouflage Joe Snyder gear we were planning to launch – and we were right! Stefano is a personal trainer in Toronto and his tight athletic build tells me he’s pretty good at it. Stefano is blessed not only with good looks, but a fantastic package – front and back (just check out those Joe Snyder cheek boxers.)

Of course when it comes to a photo shoot, looks aren’t everything. Personality and report with our ourselves and our photographer play an equal part and until you actual start shooting you just never know how things are going to turn out. Well, we needn’t have worried about Stefano, he was not only charming, but the camera ate him up and his confidence shone through.

There were over 500 photos taken during our first session with Stefano. Here’s a hi-resolution gallery of 20 of our favorite shots, perfect to post on your blogs and websites. Either use them to highlight the new gear or to highlight this fresh new face on Jockstrap Central.

jockstrap-central-stefano-1 jockstrap-central-stefano-4 jockstrap-central-stefano-5

jockstrap-central-stefano-8 jockstrap-central-stefano-10 jockstrap-central-stefano-14

jockstrap-central-stefano-17 jockstrap-central-stefano-18 jockstrap-central-stefano-19


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