410qfxhshel_ss400_What is on the mind of the average guy when they think of thongs for men? And why is there some kind of taboo against wearing them. I myself have worn thongs on and off over the past of seven years. I have times when I am all about them and times when I am not. I have a pretty decent collection of various styles. Some are very comfortable and some are just the opposite. But obviously I don’t have any of the issues that seem to be floating around out in the general population. Let’s try and see if we can make the thong a bit less scary for all the guys out there. 

4150p6zhr0l_ss400_1A thong is not just for women. Men deserve variety in their underwear choices as well. If we are going to have equality, we should have it everywhere, even underneath our clothes. Also, men deserve the chance to be sexy, pure and simple. Being sexy is the really reason thongs were created in the first place. To make a women look sexy to reveal more to their other half without revealing everything. Men should be able to do the same. And as luck would have it there are an increasing number of underwear manufactures that are beginning to see that. They are taking the thong and giving it a bit of a twist so that men can start to see that a thong can be something both sexy and macho. Guys, don’t be afraid to show off a little more. The end result might be more exciting and unexpected then you think.

One of my very first thongs is a great example of a thong meant to appeal to guys. It was the Tactics jock that I picked up from Undergear.com. Now you are probably thinking, “it’s a jock” but it isn’t. The Tactics jock is actually a Y-back thong. It has both a sexy and athletic look and feel to it. The waistband and pouch are made of very comfortable material. I still own this jock and always love to wear it. By the way, I own the Tactics jock in a size medium. The only negative about the Tactics jock is that Undergear.com no longer carries it. I am not sure if that means it has been discontinued. Another great jock that also likes to hide under the name “jock” is the RIPS jock. This thong also has the same characteristics that the Tactics jock has. It is a Y-back thong that has a great pouch made of comfortable material that has an athletic look and feel to it, besides being sexy. I actually picked up several pairs of the RIPS jock backtactics-jockstrap in the day when it was the best thing out there. Unfortunately I bought them in a size medium and I wasn’t able to stay that size. I am currently back in the range to wear the medium but I was able to find the RIPS jock in a large and it fits very well, with a good amount of room. The downside to the RIPS jock is that it has been discontinued and can only be found on a few sites that still have remaining stock.

One thing that you can conclude from my choices is that I have a preference for Y-back thongs. For me, I feel that the best thongs are ones that are so comfortable you don’t know that the rear string is “you know where”. And to make that happen, less material is better. So a Y-back style thong is for me. But I don’t want you guys out there to ignore the other style that is out there, the T-back thong. I have several in my collection that are T-backs. But again for me less material is more comfortable when constructing the rear string. Usually, with a T-back thong there is more material to deal with near the waistband. However, there are a few brands that make a version of the T-back thong that I find suitable. Two brands that have a T-back thong that have the right cut and style are Unico and Sauvage. As I write this article I am actually sporting the Unico thong. I would have to say that it’s very comfortable. There is plenty of room in the pouch and the rear string is barely noticeable. I do like this brand but it does have one flaw. The sizing runs small so you would want to always get at least one size up then what you normally get. My Unico thong is a size extra large. 

So gentleman, take the plunge and try on a thong. You never lose anything by trying. If you feel that it might be a waste of $$$ then you just need to check out a few discount stores or website that have one on clearance and pick one up. And after trying it, if you still don’t like it, I will take it off your hands. For me, you can never own too many.


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