Presenting the final part in the series by Daniel Miljkovic, designer for the men’s underwear brand Obviously, on the 10 things that make men’s underwear comfortable.

Part Ten: E Comfort

So I’m not talking about electronic comfort here, although you’d be surprised at some of the gadgets used these days to test materials and fabrics, I’m talking about Emotional comfort.

I want to round out the 10 things series with a short discussion about a comfort factor no one ever seems to discuss and that’s how you feel about your underwear when you have to take your pants off in front of someone.

Whether it’s your long term partner, some guy/gal you just picked up, people at the gym, or a trip to the doctor, it’s important that when you drop your pants you feel good about what you’re wearing. It’s all about personal preference here, some go for the branding, bright colors, the newest pair, or the less-is-more approach and are happy to flaunt. Without a question of a doubt clean underwear is always a good start.

Speaking of trips to the doctor, a ‘friend’ got caught once wearing the daggiest, old underpants he had, on the one day the doctor had to young medical students in with him. Not his most comfortable moment. ..

I’d love to hear some of the funny stories you all have about underwear incidents. Send me an email with your story and we’ll select the top 3 best stories to each receive a FREE pair of Obviously underwear of their choice.

Whatever your choice in underwear make sure that when the time comes to drop your pants, you’re comfortable. E Comfort J

For all of you who aren’t yet aware, Obviously has just launched its Sinuous Collection, 3 colour prints across our entire Low Rise range – enough to make anyone comfortable.


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