To celebrate Easter we’ve discounted everything in the entire Cocksox® range by 10% until midnight April 18. Just enter the code ‘buns’ in the promo code box on checkout to get the 10% discount on all your purchases. This offer is valid only until midnight April 18 so don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity to buy the hottest menswear at the hottest price!

Offer Expires: Midnight April 18

Cocksox® Hits The Big Screen

primal_title A couple of months ago Cocksox® received a call from a feature film production in Sydney, a horror film called ‘Primal’. They decided that one of the characters was definitely a Cocksox® wearer and were we able to send them some boxers to appear on screen! You bet we were! We’ll let you know when the film comes out so you can spot the Cocksox® on the big screen.

And if you want some Cocksox® for your movie or TV show, be sure to drop us a line!


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