There is a new swimwear line out there and it’s called Skmpeez.  Summer is about to go into full swing and you need a suit to be seen in on the beach! Skmpeez has some really great prints that really make them stand out!

The company was founded by two friends; one, a designer and the other a business man. They both reallyskmpeez_2882-edit love traveling and having fun in the sun.  The initial idea came about when the two were going to the beach and they spent hours trying to find the perfect suit, only to come home disappointed. They started their own line and now can create that perfect suit.

From their press release”

“SKMPEEZ’ first collection includes two cuts, the Euroz and Squarez. The Euroz cut, as its name describes, was inspired by the shape and fit of the classic European style of swimwear. This cut sits low on the hips. Not quite as revealing as a bikini cut, the Euroz leaves just enough to the imagination. The Squarez cut on the other hand, has a bit more length in the legs but sits low on the hips much like the Euroz.”

skmpeez_2635-edit“The exciting cutting edge designs in SKMPEEZ’ debut collection was inspired by current and past fashion trends as well as an infusion of basic graphic design theory. The placement and orientation of shapes and colors are important in optically enhancing the look of your best assets. This season’s innovative designs from SKMPEEZ takes inspiration from various time periods and cultures combining colors and patterns taken from the 50’s, with shapes and silhouettes from Asian culture and art.”

One thing about the line is they just focus on really great fitting and eye catching swimwear.  They have graced the cover of Instincts swimwear issue. Carlos the UnderGear model winner wore them on the cover shoot.  On top of that they were featured in the swimwear feature as well.

The swimwear ranges from $47 to $52. They have a few retailers, many of them are in the warmer climates, and you can see the list on their website. But, if you’re like me and not in a city that sells Skmpeez, you can order from their online store. Check out the line and we will bring you more about them in the future

skmpeez_3046-edit skmpeez_2625-edit


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