Dead Good Undies sent out this to inform everyone that Ergowear is back in stock!

Apologies for all for another newsletter in the same day BUT I know a lot of people were waiting to know when we were getting the new Ergowear PLUS range of ergonomical design underwear and I didn’t want to wait until next week to send out the news that THEY ARE NOW HERE……

Whats new with the this range from Ergowear is that they’ve come up with this rather nifty design that takes their previous ergonomic style to the next level with a seamless front pouch which gives a fuller, rounder profile.

Personally I love ergowear underwear and in fact im wearing a pair of the PLUS boxers today not only because of their design which is soooo comfy but also because they are a company that actually listens!!! For example when I had my samples for beta testing from them I commented that with the boxers there was a seam across the rear that I felt would of been uncomfortable (and it was). 3 days later Rod from Ergowear is in a Skype Video call with me from Chile showing me the changes they made based on my comments. How cool is that???? a company that listens and then reacts so quickly.

Anyway enough of my excited ramblings as it’s a Friday and the weekend is but a few hours away.
So there you go just pop over to www.deadgoodundies.com to check out why im making such a fuss about the Ergowear PLUS range.

Adam Davies (partner)
P.S. apologies for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in the above but im clocking off early.


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