Andrew Christian has come up with a really fun boxer called the Marine Boxer. This boxer is a low cut boxer with the Marine seal on the front and Marines written across the seat. Again, I’m not a fan of the boxer, but I wore it with an open mind, and again I was not disappointed. I have really enjoyed all the Andrew Christian underwear I have received. That includes these and also the ones I got with the great sales they had at Christmas.

The one thing that stood out about these boxers is the pouch. It held everything in place and didn’t bind or loose its shape. The boxers are very form fitting and low rise as well. So you can wear them under you favorite low-rise jeans, with out any undies showing.

I wore these while I ran errands again… notice a trend? They fit great, and didn’t bunch up in the legs or ride up, which is one of the thing I hate and drives me crazy about most boxers. These held their shape and never gave me any trouble. Andrew Christian will be put in my regular rotation. These will be only the few boxers I have in my drawer. So that should tell you something!

Fit: 4.5
Materials: 5
Put Together: 5
Look: 4.5
Daily Wear: 4.5
Overall: 4.7

You can get the Marine boxer from Andrew Christian for $34. It comes in just grey, but you can get it for the Army as well in green. This pair like most of Andrew Christian’s underwear has the anti-muffin top elastic as well.

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