David Rich, fitness model, model and now an underwear designer.  I am typically skeptical when someone with no design background starts to throw an underwear line out there.  I saw these and thought they were fun, and decided to take the leap by ordering a pair.  I was a little disappointed to have to up a size from what I normally order/wear based on their sizing chart, but gave it a shot anyway.  I got a nice confirmation email that my order was received and my undies were in my hands a week later.

The first thing I noticed was how soft and comfortable they are to touch.  Made out of bamboo and spandex I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was anxious to put them on, and was not disappointed.  Despite the fact that they look like they are going to be big on me, they fit very well, and sit nicely on my frame.  I was impressed with the comfort that I felt having them on, and they hold their shape incredibly well during the day.  I’ve not worn them to work out yet, as I change into a different pair for workouts.  I have the two different styles of briefs now and a pair of the bikinis (the ones with the red piping/trim).  I would highly recommend, and if you are indeed wealthy – think of it as a way to advertise in the locker room without having to wear much!  =)

Fit                    5 (make sure you follow their sizing guide though)
Materials        5
Put Together  5
Look                 5
Daily Wear      5
Overall          5

Rich Underwear available at: $24.95 on sale right now

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Editors Note: Greg is a new reviewer here who you may have seen at Undies 101 Blog. He will be posting pics of him in his undies for reviews! We hope you enjoy his reviews !


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  1. Nice review, especially the extra touch of modeling the underwear personal; showing how the the underwear looks in person rather than touch-up model.

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