wSaxx Apparel is a very interesting company. They make boxer briefs, which you know is not my favorite, but they are made to keep your boys in place. They have a very interesting design with panels that keeps everything up and also dry. This is great if you do sports or are real active during the day.

Upon seeing the design, I was a little unsure of how it would fit. It was one of those things that it was either going to be incredible or sidepanel-imgsomething that would, as in today’s lexicon, would FAIL. I got the regular boxer briefs and gave them a shot.

I got what was listed as my size, and they were a little big. I figured, “oh no, I’m in trouble now!” But, it really was comfortable. I was surprised the pouch gave me such support. I like everything being held in place and these did that. When you see the design you will be like, how does it do it? I will answer, I don’t know but I’m glad it did. It’s a great design and one that I wish I had gotten a smaller size. I was told that if I wash in hot and dry on high they would shrink. I will update you on that. But all in all they are well worth a try!

Fit:                   4

Materials:          5

Put Together:    4.5

Look:                4.5

Daily Wear:       4.5

Overall:            4.5

I would say if you’re active, you should definitely give Saxx a try! They are made for the more active guy! I think they will go far! We just did an interview with them and should have that posted in the next week or so. If you’re on Twitter and following them, they posted about their photo shoot last week. And gave you a preview!


There were furnished by Saxx Apparel and can be purchased at their site. The boxer briefs I reviewed are the Every Day Boxer Brief and they retail for $24.99.


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