Marc Ouest is a company I have seen off and on over the last few years. I would glance at their site every so often; then again, I never bought anything from them. They use a lot of mesh and love to show off what a guy has, whether it’s a pouch that shows off the junk or a mesh singlet that leaves little to the imagination. Marc Ouest is all about making a man feel sexy.

Marc Ouest, I think, is best known for using mesh. They have briefs, singlets, shorts, and just about anything you can think of made of it. In388_lga the last year or so, mesh has made a come back in the world of men’s underwear. When done wrong, mesh can look very cheap and “porn starish”, but Marc Ouest uses different types of mesh to pull off some really great looking undies. They have the Euro Boy line that uses a translucent mesh, giving you a little peek at what the guy has but you can’t make it all out. They also go the other extreme and have see-through mesh. A style that has the see through mesh is the Male Force 8 thong. They truly do some amazing things with mesh.

The collection of Mark Ouest isn’t limited to only underwear. They also create swimwear and active wear. As you may guess, the swimwear is very skimpy, meaning unless your comfortable showing off a lot to people, you may not want to wear it. I have talked to them a few times and one of their best sellers is the Flip Flop 2, which is a very loose and see-through pair of shorts. They, as the name implies, let the boys flip flop throughout the day. That is only if 233_lgbyou don’t wear anything underneath it. That could be fun if you’re walking around the beach and don’t want to wear a swim brief.

As I said, they also do active wear. It is not your traditional work out wear. I think my favorite piece is from the Gladiator line, and that is the Romp tights. They have a lace up front and “revealing basket crotch”. I’m not sure if you would wear it to the gym, but I know some guys who would. I think it would depend on your gym. This would be awesome for playwear. Put it on and have some fun with your partner.

Marc Ouest is a company that brings the fun out in their creations. They aren’t afraid and do not shy away from mesh wear, revealing designs, and pure sexuality of a man. It’s fun and think of the reaction of your partner when you get undressed and have on a mesh thong! I believe it would be awesome. Check them out and we hope you enjoy the pictures if not the collections.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. What ever happened to his work? Where is it now? I found his website once, but now its gone. I loved his ideas, but poof, it vanished.

    • Good question, they are gone, No one has responded to my emails and they had some really cool stuff, but I don’t have any answers. They were very sexy and fun.

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