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It’s a day of new prodcuts. DMK Designs has come out with their animal print undies. Diane told us about these on the podcast we did with her a few months ago. They were hard to picture when she described them to us, but I think they look pretty great. Animal prints can sometimes look crazy and out there but I think she did an awesome job on these. They are always doing something fun and creative at DMK Designs.

These are done on the Apollo Brief design they already have produced. Here is a blurb about them from their site:

The exciting, curved cut of the Apollo Brief focuses all attention center-front! The animal print pouch is cut to gently lift and the sides are cut high to flatter, blending in with a sleek solid black back. And because they are swim-safe, you can slip into the Jacuzzi at a moment’s notice. What a perfect way to end the day.

Head over to the site and see them and all the other great designs they have!


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