N2N Bodywear Sport Mesh Short
N2N Bodywear Sport Mesh Short

I recently got the chance to review the N2N Bodywear Sports Mesh Short, available at the N2N website for $22.00. You can select from gray/yellow, burgundy/gray, or black/gray. These shorts were provided by N2N for our reviewing.

With everything mesh, some people have an automatic turn off switch. I am not the world’s biggest fan of clothing made of mesh. I have worn different articles of clothing from underwear to the popular mesh shirts of the 80s.

Once I wore a football practice shirt to school. My teacher flipped her lid because it was very revealing. Saying that, when you wear this short, and you know you’ll be around others, be kind and wear underwear. As you can see from the side view picture below, the jock being worn is in clear view to all who glance at the shorts. You will not only be kind to everyone around, but you will be kind to yourself. I wore them for a very brief period of time without underwear and I can say it wasn’t comfortable with skin poking through the holes. I would go as far as saying this would be best suited for a workout at home.

As with the N2N Bodywear Trainer Short, these use a drawstring waist. Unlike the trainer short is

N2N Bodywear Mesh Short - side
N2N Bodywear Mesh Short - side

the use of elastic, making it a bit more of a hold instead of relying solely on the tightness of the drawstring. Another aspect of this short is the use of pockets on the front. These pockets extend almost from the top to the bottom of the short’s length. Possibly an iPod or other music device could be carried in the pockets. If something were to come up and a pocket was needed, it has one on each side of the front. These shorts also sit low on the waist. I reviewed a size small and they did not feel weird as the trainer short felt. When I put them on, they fit as I would expect a small size to fit.

The material used is 100% polyester. It is lightweight and moves with you. And since it is mesh, this material is extremely airy. While wearing them, there was not binding or moving on me. All day wear would be something of a personal choice, as would be where it is worn. Overall, I personally give this short a 4.7.

Fit:                     5.0
Material:           5.0
Put Together:   4.8
Look:                  4.8
Daily Wear:      4.0
Overall:          4.7

Head on over to the N2N Bodywear website to check out their entire selection of active wear, swimwear, and underwear.



  1. 4.7 [ain’t] BAD!!!!!!!! well.. I LOVE LOVE [love] ANYTHING N2N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I am 4-sure and 4-serious getting my self a pair of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for your review! xo xo :el fano:

  2. Great review Wes! I’ve been looking at the N2N Bodywear range recently and I’m really impressed by the styling, but have to say was a bit worried like you about the coverage they can offer you guys if you want to wear them out. Yes you can stick some underwear on underneath but that defeats the object of the short for some men – perhaps the solution instead would be to design in a full brief inside. What do you think?

  3. I think an inside liner would work well. I am not bashful or shy about nudity or showing off. It’s hard to explain exactly. When you wear these, a distinct outline of the glans is visible in the material, as would be if you wore underwear. With the gyms here in the south, from personal experience, things such as that are not widely accepted. I wore a pair of workout shorts from UnderGear a while back to my gym and this woman and her husband looked as if they had been slapped. Our area, even as close to Atlanta as we may be, is still conservative. People here still believe in wearing shorts down to their knees when swimming. Sad but true I’m afraid.

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