I am fairly new to my undies obsession even though I have had a lifelong interest in them. I have been doing some online research of the different companies that sell various brands of undies. In years past, because I would get bored with my current undies, I prd_ergowear-max-light-jock-blackwould search out different sites to see what I was missing. I wasn’t always successful in finding online companies with a good variety. Two sites I have found that I think are worthy of keeping in my favorites are UnderGear and International Jock.

These two online stores seem to carry the best and most diverse selection from the many companies. I love the fact that you can go there and select your shopping preference by style or brand. If I am in the mood for bikinis, I don’t have to go through all the other styles to pick what I want. If I find a nice brand, I can see what else they have to offer.

Both sites are pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. This makes for an enjoyable shopping experience. With UnderGear, once you become a member, you will be able to add things to your shopping cart and return later to make the purchase. I love that I can take my time in making my decisions.

International Jock is nicely laid out and you can make your selection(s) of brand or style from the left hand column.  It is easy to navigate and find what you desire. I did not see anything that indicates it saves your shopping cart when you close your browser but I did a little test run and it seems to do just that.


I love internet shopping and it is becoming easier every day.  These two sites show true customer service in the way they are laid out and how they save your shopping cart for when you return to complete your purchase.  You don’t have to deal with cashiers who have had a bad day.  You don’t have to ask a sales clerk if there are more in the storeroom.  You don’t have to wander the aisles looking for the perfect pair of undies in your size.  That said, the next time I have some expendable cash, I will be making a trip to these two sites to find my next pair of undies.

EDITORS NOTE: Mark is just discovering underwear and he’s going to document his discovery through underwear. This includes brands, shops and sites he’s discovering and interested in.


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