If you are into underwear half as much as me or the other guys on the blog, I am sure you have heard of AussieBum. The Australian based underwear company is known for its fun prints and wild fabrics. This was my first pair of AussieBums and it won’t be my last.  I fell in love with this company before I received them in the mail. Being a marketing guy, I love what they have been doing in not only the traditional marketing arena, but also online with social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

My AussieBum briefs were of the Clan Collection with the tribe print.  This print is a navy, red, yellow and white plaid that is very eye catching. The Clan Collation comes in a variety of other plaid type prints and you can get them in either a trunk or a brief cut.  Both come with a logo imprinted waistband and are made with a 75% Polyester and 25% Elastane material. I don’t know where to start when I try to describe what the material feels like.  It is silky, yet durable, and has a slight hint of shine.


The first thing I noticed was how soft yet durable the material was.  I looked in the mirror and then noticed how amazing they made my figure look.  They were cut perfectly.  They were just tight enough to make everything look firm and well supported, yet not tight enough to make them restricting. The leg openings were also well constructed and I don’t foresee them stretching out.

I have reviewed and worn some great undies. The one thing I look for when I review underwear is how different they appear from traditional underwear, or the “what makes this brand so special” points. The Clan by AussieBum is a collection which has all of the little things to make it stand out from the rest of the brands that simply “make underwear”.


Overall AussieBum exceeded my expectation when it came to this collection of underwear. From its amazing fabric to its perfect fit, everything about these AussieBum’s is perfect!

Fit:                                       5
Materials:                            5
Put Together:                       5
Look:                                   5
Daily Wear:                         5
Overall:                              5

AussieBum provided me this pair of briefs to review, but you can get more information about them from their web site. They offer a wide range of underwear and swimwear in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials.  Pricing for the Clan Collection briefs is $32.50 US and the hip (trunk) cuts are about $34 US. Follow AussieBum on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.


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