I am an underwear addict. There, I said it! As you know, if you’re a long time reader of the site, I have been into underwear since I was about 13 years old. Growing older, I have found what I really like…underwear with pouches. I love a pouch that is designed to hold your junk like a glove. I am going to discuss some favorites I have come across over the years.

Underwear, for me, is more than simply something you wear. It’s something that most of us have on for 18 hours a day if not more. It is a fashion accessory and something that makes you feel sexy! I usually feel my best when I wear a pair of undies that fit well. And, let’s face the facts. It shows off the goods too! I don’t think I’m alone on that belief.

Here are some of my favorite undies with pouches. As I say this. I don’t have great quantities of these, but I do enjoy them and have tried them over the years. I know this list will grow as more and more companies are doing ergonomically designed undies



Unico is probably one of my favorites. They are one of the few undies designers whose entire collections catch my attention. I prefer briefs but their boxers and trunks both feature the amazing built-in pouch. When I first tried on a pair, getting them on clearance at Male Basics, I was hooked. I purchased the Mesh Briefs and Red Trunks. They fit me perfectly, held everything in place, and really showed off what I had. The mesh pair was Date Nite undies and the trunks were everyday wear. Unico obviously had the right guy in mind when they designed them.

The styles they offer are briefs, trunks, boxers, jocks, and thongs. I have tried all of them and love them equally. The favorite is the brief which I am wearing as I write this article. The jock really surprised me. I didn’t know if they would be able to pull the amazing pouch off in a jock form. I’m glad I was proved wrong. The trunk and boxer are similar; the best part being that they don’t ride up your thigh. Remember when boxer briefs first appeared? Do you remember the Calvin Klein ones? I HATED those because they gave no support and they bunched and rode up the leg. I gave mine away since I couldn’t deal with them. These from Unico stay in place and provide ultimate support.

(SS09) CIN2 3060 Coffee-F

C-IN2 Bamboo

The main reason I tried the Bamboo briefs was the Trophy Shelf design. As they said, it is used to put your junk on display. These didn’t disappoint! They did exactly that and the bamboo material fit and felt so wonderful. The only down side to the first pairs is that they would tear easily. From the first four I purchased, I have only one lonely pair left without holes in the pouch. I hear the new bamboo is a bit more resistant to holes. I, however, haven’t tried them but I am sure the fit continues to be amazing.

The choices from the Bamboo line I’ve tried are the brief, jock, and trunk. If you like briefs, I certainly recommend the Bamboo Slider Brief. Since they have done away with the original line, the styles you can buy are the Slider Brief, Rider Boxer, and Street Jock. I haven’t tried the boxer. From the originals, I had the great fitting trunk. The brief and jock both have similar fits and fell great throughout the day.



Obviously is a newcomer to the field of undies. They have ergonomically designed undies that I was a bit unsure about the fit the first time I tried them. They sort of squeezed the junk and felt weird. Lucky for me, I always have an open mind. I wore them throughout the day and they fit well. If you go to their site, you will see how they design the undies and are constantly coming out with more in-your-face designs. They have recently come to the US and I see them growing into an important competitor in the world of men’s underwear.

I have only tried the brief by Obviously. I want to try more of the styles they offer. The material is very soft and all together fits very well. The pouch conforms and, to me, molds to your junk. It’s a weird feeling at first, then as you wear it more, this becomes a non-issue. Some of the other guys on the site have loved the other styles such as the boxer and thong. They have boxers, briefs, thongs, and jocks.



Ergowear is one of the first ergonomically designed undies I ever tired. I was given a pair from a friend because he didn’t like them. They were string bikinis and I had them till they wore out. I was so sad when I finally had to throw them away. They don’t have the initial style but they have branched out into many more. I have tried some of the new styles but not many. I would love the chance to try more.

From Ergowear, I have tried the string bikini and the X3D brief. I loved the feel of the new pair. I did like the fit and the whole line has been redesigned since my initial bikinis. They aren’t exactly easy to find in the US other than online. They have all the styles expected from an underwear designer. The whole line by Erogwear is ergonomically designed to support a man and fit him so that it doesn’t feel as if he’s wearing underwear.



How could we not have Cocksox on a list of undies with amazing pouches? This is another example of how I got undies from a friend. He gave me an XL pair and they are a bit loose. I think Cocksox is one of the few pairs to which I advise to go smaller when in doubt. The ones I was given fit OK, but we got some great Cocksox to review for UNB and I received the classic brief. Again, it fit like a glove. They were amazing. Plus, Cocksox underwear is designed to show off the goods. If you look at their site you will definitely understand!

Cocksox is, I have to say, one of my all time favorites. They have a great fit about them. I own two pairs of CX01 briefs that are in heavy rotation in my daily underwear selection. I am very interested in trying more of their undies. They have some great looking trunks, bikinis, and thongs. We’re being told that jocks are coming soon! I think a jock with their pouch would be amazing. One interesting bit of information for Cocksox has to do with the size of the pouch. They have two sizes, being original or snug. Even if you’re not gifted in the junk department, you can still fill out a pair of Cocksox!

The one thing all these underwear brands have in common is they are form fitting. They are all designed to support your junk and make you forget you’re wearing underwear. I believe this is the best thing a pair of underwear can do! You can get all these in the US and around the world. Some companies may only be available online, but are worth the wait to receive them! I would love to hear some of your favorite choices in pouch undies. Do you agree with my picks or do you like another brand? Let us guys know here at Underwear News Briefs.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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