Let’s face it, many guys out there have to wear a suit to work every day. Whether you’re a lawyer, accountant, executive a suit is a mandatory outfit. By the nature of the suit is conservative piece of clothing, and the only way to show your personality is through your tie. But, many guys forget you can continue that with your underwear. Granted no one will see it but it can give you a peep in your step with the right pair.

I have talked to a few guys that wear suits; Most of them wear regular underwear, boxers, white briefs and Hanes boxer briefs. I asked them if they ever thought about wearing something different and most never really gave it any thought. When I worked at a bank, I used to always match my tie and undies. I know sounds strange but it was fun for me to do it. No one ever saw it, well, except for a select few. And, I don’t think many of them noticed to be honest.

My undies collection grew and so did what I wore under my suit. I think one of the sexiest things to wear under a suit is a jock strap. Its something that you would never expect. It is something to be worn for a physical activity, not sitting at a desk. With the recent development of fashion jocks, this makes it easier to wear under a suit. The traditional jock has a waist band that is three inches thick and could ride up, and if you had to take off your jacket, it may be seen by others and raise some questions. Fashion jocks on the other hand have smaller waistbands and more ergonomically designed pouch. It gives the suit wearer something else to wear rather then traditional tighy whities.

One funny story about this is, the first podcast I did with Baskit, which never made it to air. Eric was talking about the pink jock they sold a few years back. The sales were phenomenal, and it’s not guys wearing it to the gym, but guys wearing it to more places and every day wear. He said, “I wonder how many guys wore the pink jock under their blue power suits.”

Another thing to consider wearing under your suit is a thong. I know many guys have an aversion to thongs. We have written about them a few times, and we’re either preaching to the choir or you’re running for the hills now saying “Keep that butt floss away from me.” But it’s a pair that has some practical reasons to wear. First, it doesn’t cause any brief lines. Many guys don’t want to show any lines under their pants. Myself, I like to try to figure out what a guy is wearing so a thong would make it harder to figure out. Second, for me, it just makes me feel sexy all day. No one knows that I have a thong on and just makes me smile. Lastly is that it gives you great support through out the day. One of my favorite thongs to wear is the 2(x)ist Y-Back thong. It really gives you the support of a jock, but the look of a thong.

I asked the guys on the site and some people on Twitter what they wear and here is what they said:

  • @smhutch78 on twitter said he wears “Joe Snyder mesh cheek boxer or an Andrew Christian Almost Naked jockstrap. Gotta feel sexy at work!”
  • Saywer – I really like a jock under a suit when there is a chance to get frisky later.  If not, I love trunks since suit pants don’t show underwear lines.
  • Greg – used to wear thongs under my suit – now it’s whatever, but used to be just thongs under my suits.
  • @battypete  if wearing a suit usually  like to wear a jockstrap here!
  • @timoteostudio – nothing!
  • Mark – I have worn silk boxers & string bikinis. I prefer something that doesn’t leave a undies line but haven’t gotten anything yet 😉
  • @shadow_dreamer depending on what I’m doing after it’s usually a brief or a jockstrap if I’m hitting the gym right after.
  • @undiescanuck For suits and dress pants…it’s anything @cocksox.  Dress pants and cocksox make a great pairing.

We want to thank the guys for answering us on Twitter. However, we think Timoteo would wear their undies under a suit! Follow us on Twitter and you maybe in a posting soon!

These are just a few of what we are wearing under our suits. You can wear what ever you want, but we hope you will branch out and wear some new and fun things. How about you guys? What do you wear under your suit? Its it wild? Tame? Let us know!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. have to agree with the majority that a jockstrap is the best choice under a suit – for me the JM koton line is the best – nice fabric and pouch is roomy enough for me and my ball stretching toys!

  2. I think when you want to feel good and look good, you always start with the first piece of clothing which is underwear. Wear the type of underwear that makes you feel good. My favorite is a thong. A thong made of a really good quality material that feels nice on your body and flattering to it also. I like Joe Snyder thongs. Little pricey but excellent choice. Do what makes you feel good, no need to conform to our society’s misguided opinions.

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