As you all know, I am new to the world of great undies.  I have wanted to try various pairs and see how they differ from the ones I would normally buy at my local retail store.  I stumbled upon this site and began communicating with the editor who, in turn, asked me to join the team and give a straight man’s perspective on undies.  I agreed to do my best.

I was recently given an opportunity to review a pair of briefs by Bone Wear.  The editor knew of my love of all things sheer and when he received this pair, he of course thought of me.  They are a great brief with sheer panels on either side of the pouch area.  The sheer mesh is a light green in color.  When I opened the package, I immediately had to show my wife.  She liked them and could not wait to see them on me.  Of course, I wore them the next day and modeled them for her appreciation.


The briefs are constructed of 100% Spandex.  They support everything very nicely and due to the fact that they are spandex, they form to the assets, showing them off nicely.  The elasticized waistband is very comfortable and shows off the brand of undies well.  I needed to adjust the leg openings slightly in order to be completely comfortable. Once that was done, they rocked.

Fit:                               5

Materials:                     5

Put Together:                5

Look:                           5

Daily Wear:                  5

Overall:                      5

These briefs, along with an assortment of other Bone Wear undies, can be found at Dead Good Undies for approximately $34.68 US Dollars.  The briefs were generously furnished by Bone Wear for review.

Note: the Bonewear store is being redesigned and you can get them at Dead Good Undies


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