I think underwear should be fun no matter what occasion you wear them. If it’s to work, hanging with friends, playing sports…no matter what, they should fit and be enjoyable. With that in mind, the same holds true for date night underwear. These undies I reviewed would be really great date night undies. Not for the first date you strip down but a few dates later.

A designer, Lee Gregory in Atlanta, GA, has come out with a whole line of bejewled underwear. I know exactly what you’re thinking, and no, they aren’t like the bedazzeled spectacular jackets some women have. They are fun and have interesting phrases on them and different designs. I realize these will not be for everyone, but I think a lot of you out there may enjoy them immensely.  Mr. Gregory has done shirts and underwear, but since we’re an underwear blog, we are going to focus on the pair I received.

I got a pair to review from the Poster Hut here in Atlanta. I was given a pair that featured the phrase “Hung Like A Jury” which made me chuckle. It was probably one of the best sayings I have seen on a pair of underwear in a long time. They are black boxer briefs accentuated with writing in red jewels. I could imagine the first experience of taking pants off and hearing someone ask, “What do your undies say?” You stand back, put your hands on your hips, poking out the midsection, and let them read! I imagine it will add something to the bedroom fun.

The undies felt really great, I wondered how the jeweled writing would hold up throughout the day and was relieved to see all of them still intact when undressing later. I also loved the nice fit. From what I learned while at the Poster Hut, Mr. Gregory doesn’t make the undies but adds the embellishments. I totally enjoyed wearing these boxer briefs.

Fit:                   4.5

Materials:          4.5

Put Together:    4.5

Look:                4.5

Daily Wear:       4.5

Overall:            4.5

If you are in Atlanta, you can find this item at The Poster Hut. If you aren’t in Atlanta, visit the at for these and all their other interesting products. These underwear were furnished by The Poster Hut for review.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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