In the spirit of holiday gift giving, cheeky Canadian underwear label, Ginch Gonch, is offering Underwear News Briefs readers the chance to win a special last-minute holiday gift! Simply go to the Ginch Gonch website, pick out your favorite style name, and comment on the name and style under this post. One posting will be chosen at random on X date and the commenter will receive a $40 e-Gift card to shop online at www.ginchgonch.com!

Now that’s something to stuff your stocking with!


  • One Entry Per Day
  • Must include a valid email (will not be show to the general public)
  • Prize will be chosen at random
  • Prize must be used in full, no balance can be carried over
  • e-Gift card expires March 1, 2010
  • Contest is open from December 16th to December 20, 2009
  • Odds of winning depend on the number of entries

Leave your comment here on this post and do one every day!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! “GG”[s]!!!! my fave!!! =) YAY!! contests at UNB are [SIN]SATIONALLY AWESUM!!!!!!!!! xo xo :El fano:

  2. My favorite would be the Eagle – Feathers Of Fire. They were the first pair I ever bought for a special friend, and needless to say they certainly got me heated up and flying! 😛

  3. I love the Cars lowrise Big Piston, they look like the perfect pair of briefs to park my big piston in.

  4. My fav GG underwear? Ebony & Ivory in low-rise…because who doesn’t love some revealing diversity? 🙂

  5. William Sargent Reply

    My Fav GG undies would have to the the Argyle in the Low-rise and Jock… very hot…

  6. I like the Eagle – Feathers of Fire because I would get all the attention during an underwear party 😀

  7. I wanna WIN! i wanna WIN! [ha]! I am such BRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [lol] GG RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) [gotta say] my FAV{s] ar the FEATHERS OF FIRE!! gahh! [but I LOVE THEM ALL!] xo xo :el fano:

  8. I have to say I loved the “Bumper Pumper” low rise brief-too perfect

  9. the ginch gonch christmas trees with weiners, pigs, and oh yes cocks

  10. I also love the Wiener Eaters Blue Bunns (SKU: 2113-114). They look like funn, too!

  11. i love the ones of the red hot and hemi briefs, makes my engine hot and roooooar LOL!!!!!

  12. I gotta say “Heart as a Rock” I thought to be the most fun name, funny but with heart in it so it made me sigh too. Like the lowrise, though Sparkling Ticker has the better color scheme, and a pair I want!

  13. I always feel n look sexy, rocking my Argyle – Geek Chic Lowrise Briefs!!! LOVE GINCH GONCH!!

  14. The Fire Trucks – Fire Crotch is a hot looking sport brief. Would like to try one now 😉

  15. Girly Gear Multiple Trucks – Grease Monkey is my favorite! Every girl has their favorite pair of sexy blank panties, but no one rocks it like I do in my Ginch Gonch!

  16. I love the punk panther lowrise briefs!! I am wearing them right now 😀

  17. Without a doubt its got to be the Wiener Eaters Blue Bunns lowrise because i like eating wieners, um i mean i like the color blue, yes that’s my answer.

  18. I love the Big Bang Star / Glam Bang Lowrise Briefs because they make the star shine is just the right place. They know what the star is :).

  19. Another of my favorites would be the low rise Lips – Glossy Smackers pair. The lips are in just the right place. Right where mine would go when he’s wearing them! Lip smacking good time indeed!

  20. I love any of the low-rise cuts but the argyle patterns are my favorite.

  21. there’s nothing like some “Glossy Smackers” on a boxer brief to get me in the mood for the holidays! 🙂

  22. Another favorite of mine would be the Heart As A Rock low rise brief. When he wears that one, the name becomes appropriate for us both! And the heart pattern on the front throbs just like a beating heart, hehehe….

  23. The Tiger’s Wood are hot! That’s what I want for Christmas. 😛

  24. I really enjoy the Winer Eater Jock. The look and what it implies make for a perfect pair!

  25. Tiger’s Wood lowrise are a great hot looking pair I’d definitely go for, and a good topical name right now!

  26. I am also a fan of the Eagles – Bird Of Prey low rise brief. And that is because when I see him in them, I just wanna swoop down on him like a bird of prey looking for something good to eat! 🙂

  27. still love the wiener eaters, all colours. but other styles are hot, too!

  28. Shawndae Johnson Reply

    Argyle: Diamond Stud
    These things are hot! Only Ginch Gonch can make argyle look this naughty on a pair of underwear!

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