Winter is hitting much of the U.S. right now, and we are trying to keep warm. But, what would you say to staying warm in style? Our choices right now are the  plain long johns, why not get something fun and colorful.

Ginch Gonch
carries over their style to the world of Long Johns. With names such as Argyle, Wiener Eaters, Jolly Cocks, Multiple stars and Fire trucks. These are all from the Reworks collection.

Argyle - Tiger's WoodRWRKS_MEN_WIENER_PINKP_LONGJ Jolly Cocks - Chockin' Chicken

Multiple Star - Star Stud Fire Trucks - Fire Crotch

The Argyle collection is one that is the most conservative. They are come in three styles. The one we are showing here is the Tiger’s Wood. The line also comes in two lighter Argyles. The Geek Chic is a has brighter colors and some red mixed in, while the Diamond Stud is pastel in colors.

The one I know probably have your attention most is the Wiener Eater collection. These have little hot dogs all over them, hence the name. And you though it was something else i bet. It comes in three styles as well, Blue Buns, Night Wiener and Pink Piggy. They all have the same hot dog print, but the Blue Buns has a blue background, Night Wiener has a black background and Pink Piggy, you guessed it, pink (see the picture).

The Jolly cocks set  has chickens all over them. They are similar to the Jolly Cocks pattern. Just imagine you can say would you like to see my “Jolly Cocks” The one we have profiled is the Chokin’ Chicken. It the Chicken print with a grey back ground. The other too are the Cockadoodle Blue and Yolkie Dolkie. I love these names.

The Multiple Stars is just that, multiple stars, I bet you didn’t guess that! All three pairs are a star pattern on a solid back ground. The Star Stud is a pair with Red/Yellow stars on a white background. You can really shine in these! The other two pairs are Pink Star and Rising Star. Yes I’m putting the names in because I like them.

Lastly in the Long Johns line is the Fire Trucks. It can bring back memories of when you were with a kid and had fire truck undies or pajamas. The pair I like best is “Fire Crotch,” yes I said it. These names crack me up! They have little fire trucks, ambulances, fire hydrants and fire hats on them. The other two in the line are Flirt Squirt and Back Draft.

As you can tell Ginch Gonch is a really creative company, especially in their names! They have some of the best names around. If you are tired of plain boring long john’s, then check out the ones from Ginch Gonch and be stylish while being warm! Who said warmth knows no fashion, hasn’t seen these yet!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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