Cocksox® does for men what the pushup bra does for women. Extensive development, testing & research has resulted in superior products with a visually enhancing design, room for your member and supreme comfort & support for everyday wear.

They are back and reviewing cocksox for us! This is the last in the initial series of reviews we have done with them but we are looking forward to them reviewing more! If you are a company and want Del and Jason to review let us know!

CX10 Brief Red
Great feel, sexy and with the pouch that accentuates your cock.  Jason:  Although they are comfortable and well made, I think they look a little silly on.  Still, I enjoy wearing them and since Del loves them, I have put them on to please my man.   Del:  I always feel that I’m wearing a little secret.  I love them!  I love the red!  HOT!  And I like Jason in them.  He fills them out so right and they are an instant turn-on for me.
DEL: 5  JASON:  4 on a hot stripper

CX08 Mesh Brief with waistband.

Del:  We aren’t big fans of mesh underwear usually because they are just not soft and comfortable.  They always feel more of a novelty for bedroom activities rather than wear.   However, Cocksox’s mesh brief is only mesh on the ass.  The pouch is the same as the rest of their line, which houses your dick in a not scratchy way, meaning comfortable.  The ass looks lot through the mess and is surprisingly not scratchy like other brands.  I love it and again, feel like I have a hot sexy secret when wearing them.   Jason:  I love that Del loves them.    I still feel the design with the pouch looks silly.  Del loves them on strippers, they give me the church giggles.

Cx12 Underwear Boxer.
Del:  These are our favorites.  We both love them and wear them often.  They are hot and comfortable.  Jason:  And with this cut, the pouch doesn’t feel as silly.
DEL 5 JASON 5 (they are really an 8 1/2 on me)

CX029 Brief with drawstring.
These were sent in XS, so we really can’t judge them except to say that they were really look great and the material feels comfortable.  We gave them to a friend and haven’t heard his response.  We thought they were swimwear and thought that they would probably only be worn on a gay cruise or a gay beach — but you would be a big hit, since they have the pouch to frame your cock.
Looks only from Del & Jason: 4


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