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If you have been keeping up with all of our Gregg Homme Post this week, you can see that we are very excited for this collection to come out. So what happens now?

Today, a major mailing will be going out to a bunch of different blogs, magazines, TV, and many other media outlets. Gregg Homme also told us that they are revamping their website for a launch this weekend. They will be posting “making of” videos and tons of photos from their 2011 collection photo shots. They have promised lots of skin, lots of pecs, lots of abs, and lots of emotion. What more could you want.

The pictures that you have seen and the articles that you have read is just a preview of what this collection will have to offer. The Gregg Homme 2011 Collection will be available for purchase in 6-8 weeks, so find your favorite Gregg Homme retailer and get your wish list started.

We have had a blast working with Gregg Homme as they get ready to launch their new collection, and would like to say “Thank You” to Gregg Homme for giving UNB and all of its readers this opportunity. Be looking for more posts and reviews as the release date gets closer.

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John W. – Asst. Editor UNB


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