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We started the UNB Focus group and the guys in it have been amazing. One in particular we ran his guide for the Bubble Butt guy during Christmas and he wrote this great post on Valentine’s I wanted to share his take on what to wear this Valentines day! Enjoy this great post:

homerThis Valentine’s Day, don’t be the guy who shows up for your date wearing these ($10 from Target).  While Homer Simpson is funny, laughter isn’t the emotional response you should be looking for when you undress.

Consider these options that are both comfortable to wear during a dinner date and romantically enticing during those after-dinner activities:

For the boxers guy:


www.undergear.com sells these amazing slim-cut, low-rise boxers for $18 in red.  They’re definitely not your average boxers, and the cotton poplin fabric means it will transition well into the Spring and Summer wear.  Available in S, M, L, & XL.

For the briefs guy:


This is Gregg Homme’s “Target Brief” in red.  It retails for $36, but you can snag it for $30 by ordering directly from www.gregghomme.com.  The brief is 76% polyamide, 24% spandex.  Sizes XS, S, M, L, & XL.

For the jockstrap guy:

IMG_7157 - B

The Pistol Pete “Rematch Jock” in red.  55% cotton, 42% nylon, 3% spandex. Your partner will enjoy unlacing things. Available in S, M, L, & XL for $29.50 from www.pistolpete.com.

prldOr how about the Good Devil “Contour Jockstrap” in red?  86% Polyamide, 14% spandex.  100% sexy.  Available in S, M, & L for $18 from www.internationaljock.com.

For the thong guy:


This “ILP Satin Micro Thong” from www.prevailsport.com  retails for $21.  It features an inner lift panel that enhances your profile.  It’s made of a nylon-spandex blend.  Sizes S, M, L, & XL.

For the hot-tub guy:


Finally, if your evening involves champagne and a quick dip in the hot tub before retiring to the boudoir, may we suggest Andrew Christian’s new “Swift Bikini” swim brief in red?  The front seam both provides support and enhances your profile.  The shoe lace styling shows you’re a man who pays attention to detail.  80% nylon and 20% spandex.   Available in XS, S, M, L, & XL. $40.93 from www.andrewchristian.com.

valentines0guideWe changed it up and have divided up our 2014 Guide. We didn’t shoot this one but rather picked some great pairs for you guys. It’s divided up into classic, mild and wild! We hope you enjoy.

Classic Style – Perfect for Date nights:

A date night some guys want to go more classic rather then over the top. Not every guy wants to be sporting mesh or a thong. Which remember it takes all kinds. These guys like to have something that is very comfortable and has classic styling.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have some great colors, it doesn’t have to be black or white. You can mix fabric, waistband and trim colors and still remain “classic”. For Valentines day we recommend black or Red as the two colors to focus on. If possible mix the two the combination of the two just pop!

2(X)ist Love Briefs2xist Love Contour Brief (Black) – $18.00 – Black underwear is always sexy and this pair with the red waistband is amazing and would look great under a pants or a suit. The red waistband just sets it off really nicely.

Go Softwear Pop TruknGo Softwear Pop Mod Trunk (Red) $23.00 – I have to remember not all guys love briefs but this pair from Go Softwear is a red color and style. Classic yet definitely not plain

CR7 Luxury BriefCR7 Luxury Brief (Red)- $30.00 – For those fellow brief guys who want something fun but still want great coverage the CR7 brief would be perfect. The luxury brief is a full cut brief with a pouch design.  Made out of Pima cotton

Baskit Contrast Boxer BriefBaskit Contour Boxer Brief (red) – $23.00 – This is the pair for the guy who loves boxer briefs. The Contrast line has a bright main color with a great contrasting waistband and trim. Made out of cotton elastine blend

Fun Night out – For the guy who wants something a little wilder

If you’re not a classic guy you want to show a little more skin, show off a bit more of the bulge or just want to surprise your partner after a romantic dinner we have some for you. These are some that I personally love, and have worn on dates before so I know what I’m talking about! Those will definitely leave an impression on your partner after the date is done!

Cocksox CX01 Brief
Cocksox CX01 (Red) – $24.00 – One of my favorites. The red is perfect for Valentines day. The great pouch shows off what you have under your pants so you will be showing off just a bit in your pants. The bikini fit is amazingly comfy and will be awesome through dinner. Picture from International Jock. Buy through them or Cocksox

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Thongt_producto_371_665

Joe Snyder Pride Fram Thong (Red) – $24.00 – This is for the guy who’s ready to step up and wear something super fun and skimpy. The black trim does what it’s intended too, frame your pride. The pouch in these are bigger then other Joe Snyder, so it will be able to show off what you have!

Gregg Homme Booty BriefGregg Homme Booty (Red) – $42.00 – I know not everyone wants to show off their pouch, some were blessed with the bubble butt. I was not but the Booty Briefs are great for the guy with a great butt. It has the full front but the fabric straps in the back. Our very own Bryce loved these.

1-15-14-peekAndrew Christian Valentines Peek-a-Boo Brief (as Shown)- $24 – This pair was one that was made just for Valentines’s day from Andrew Christian. The pouch of this pair flips open. Yes you heard right. The pouch is not attached the bottom of the pair and allows for easy access. The pair is definitely made for Valentines; silver waistband, pink trim and red pouch/back panels.

Walk on the Wild Side – For the bold and those who want to show it all off

We have many readers who love what is termed fetish wear. You know the super hot, skimpy and leaves very little to the imagination. No mater gay/straight these will be pairs your partner will remember for a long time to come! It’s super fun and not for the shy guy. I imagine many of our readers wearing this under their suits to dinner then coming home for a romantic night and having the underwear be a topic of conversation! Or you could just answer the door in these and skip the date and get right to dessert

Candyman Gladiator
Candyman Gladiator (As shown)- $40 – The bedroom should be fun and the use of costumes is nothing new. Candyman is known for their fun underwear costumes. One that is timely now is the Gladiator costume. You could role play two of the most recent gladiator themed shows, Hercules or Spartacus!

PQ7-7 (2)PetitQ C-string (Black PVC)- $16 – We have profiled this before but it’s really fun. I could see many readers having their partner come in be laying on the sofa in the C-string with a  rose. The C-String is just a pouch, it’s the least amount of underwear you can wear. Available in Solid, lace and PVC fabrics. Don’t worry you can be active and it will still stay one, well for as long as you want it too!


Cellblock13 Renegade Pant Jock (White)- $68.00 – Not all eroticwear has to be skimpy. The Cellblock 13 Renegade Pant Jock is styled similar to a football pants so you have the sports gear fetish with the jock back.

AM876_FV_V13Andres Velasco – Leopard Print Mesh Body Suit – $39.00 – If you’re staying in for Valentines day the Leopard Print Mesh Bodysuit would be a fun one to enjoy with your partner. This pair has a great pouch made out of the leopard print framed by black that will show off your manhood. It will be as much fun to take off as it was to put on.

These are only a few pairs there are hundreds more. We hope you will buy some of these or it will spark your own ideas for amazing valentines underwear. There was something for everyone in this guide. We have a few more posts this week about Valentines underwear. If you are ordering online make sure you place an order this week to ensure that you get them in plenty of time for Valentines Day. Online stores will sell out! So don’t wait.

If you think there is a pair we should include let us know. Post a comment with a link or email us and we’ll let you guys know!

try-something-newI was talking on Twitter (if you’re on Twitter follow me @unbtim) and talking to someone who loves briefs/bikinis and he is doing a month long challenge to wear Boxer briefs. His challenger is doing the reverse boxer briefs to bikinis! Speaking from experience as a briefs guy, having to wear Boxer Briefs for for a week would drive me nuts. I do have boxer briefs, like Mundo Unico, Trunks from N2N, ones with great pouches. So I’m not totally anti-boxer brief, but doing it for a month would be a bit much for me.

Now I”m not saying to try something for an entire month. I reward the conviction for trying something new for a month, but I say start small. Some things you might consider trying that you have never worn before. The prime example of this is Jon on our site asked me for a thong to try. He has never worn one and wants to try out a good one. We will be getting him one to try and review soon. It makes me wonder if he will wear to the gym?

My biggest challenge was when I had to review a boxer for Hamilton & Hare. I knew no one on the site would want to do it. I would picture me asking the guys and have silence and nothing but crickets in the background. So I took one for the team. I hadn’t worn boxers in prob 15 years or more. And then it was a rare occurrence. I think I could count on one hand how many times I wore them under pants. After trying those they were pretty good. I but I won’t say i wear them all the time but I have lounged around in them many times.

If you’re up for trying something on the wild side we have a brands we can recommend:

  • Gregg Homme – It’s pricy but extremely well made and will last. It’s sexy underwear made to wear all day from thongs to sheer!
  • Cellblock13 – It’s a fun fetish line from Timoteo and will bring your wild side out. Find Jocks, jock briefs and Jock Boxers
  • N2N Bodywear – Has amazing pouches and plenty of thongs, jocks and more that are made to show off your goods
  • Modus Vivendi – Taking their Greek Heritage and making really fun and different underwear, if you want fun and funky this is for you
  • PetitQ – This is for the bold guy who says what the hell, just let it all hang out! Made super small and leaves little to the imagination

Say you’re a guy who has the wild part covered and want to try something with a classic cut:

  • Baskit – Makes great classic underwear that fits amazing in many different styles from boxer briefs to jocks.
  • Mack Wheldon – They focus on briefs and boxer briefs currently with great materials.
  • 2(X)ist – A classic underwear company that has some really strong core basics in their line up that you won’t be disappointed you bought
  • C-IN2 – Another classic company that has never had great fun undies but also super classic you can wear anywhere.

The wild brands are easier to come up with then Classic. Plus I think more guys would go from classic to wild!

This year we are going to challenge you guys to step out of your box and try new things.



The pair I am reviewing today is the Booty Brief by Gregg Homme. When I got these I was surprised how thin they looked. Pulling them out of the package made me worry how they would hold up against my bubble butt, the material seemed really thin. I was also worried about the white pouch as if it would be see through. This was my first pair by Gregg Homme so I wasn’t sure what to expect, I just knew he does some wilder styles. It comes in red, black, green, blue, purple and the white I got.

I wore this pair to work where I sit for most of the day. I also wore it out to IKEA and then building a dresser. They got a nice work out for a day. They occasionally would slip down on my ass some but then I would pull them up and it was fine. I actually liked pulling them up because it would cause the middle strap to slip between my cheeks and feel like a thong. After the day I gave them I think they would hold up to an active day.

I had the small size of these briefs which covers a 29 to 31 inch waist. The sizing was really true to size. I am a 28 to 29 waist normally so they fit me good. I think part could be my bubble butt helps to hold things into place more too.

I really liked how different this pair looked. They are unique and will get me lots of attention. I really liked that the middle strap would go up my crack and make me feel like I had a thong on but also briefs as well. The pouch was amazing as well. It clung to me perfectly and showed off the goods. The thinness of the fabric on the butt really made me nervous. I don’t feel like it would hold up for everyday use if  I wore them often. I think I would have felt more comfortable if the middle strap was thicker so that when it rides into the crack you don’t worry about it ripping.


  • sexy looking and comfortable material
  • pouch fits extremely well


  • material felt thin
  • slits made the butt kinda cold


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Material – 8
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 7
  • Overall – 8.6

This pair was furnished for review by Gregg Homme. Available in Black, White, Red, Purple, Khaki and Sky Blue. Retails for $41.95

Note: Bryce is one of the newest guys on the site and this is his first review!

See all the pics below


I’m sad to say this is my last Gregg Homme review. I really love them and their take on undies. The previous reviews were for the Cowboy Thong and Baller Boxer. This time I have the For Play Brief.  Anytime I get to put on a pair of Gregg Homme I always get excited to see what they have done. This pair was no different.

The pair I have today is the For Play briefs which are a fun low-rise pair. The pair  has an interesting V design in front. Meaning, most briefs have a straight line where the waistband is, this one the elastic kinda wraps around you and then continues on to the leg band. It’s a fun design.

The material is similar to that of the Baller Boxer. It was very light and stretchy and conforms to your body and was semi-sheer. I think a bit more sheer then the Baller, but that could be because of this pair was black. The description on the Gregg Homme site is: The FORPLAY brief by Gregg Homme is a classic-coverage undergarment made from an elegant, stripe-textured semi-transparent hyperstretch material, featuring a two-tone folded elastic running diagonally above its center-seamed pouch. The FORPLAY brief has a center-seamed seat for added definition, ¼-ich waistband and Gregg Homme logo tag at back center.

I wore these around the house and errands and then a night out. During the day they fit great. My biggest concern was the pair was would be too low cut and would that bother me?  Luckily it didn’t cause any fit issues. During the day I wore regular jeans but changed into the same jeans I wore out  with the Cowboy Thong review. Being low cut and the low rise jeans were a perfect combo. Not once did the undies show over the waistband.

Sizing with these as I have said are spot on. You shouldn’t have any sizing issues they fit my 36/38 inch waist in an XL. But double check the sizing charts to be sure.

One thing I want to note about Gregg Homme. They make very well made underwear. They are pricy but they hold up. I think every pair I have ever bought is in my line up still. The materials and construction are some of the best in the industry. So when you get a pair you’ll have it for a while, so don’t let the price scare you off. I think the oldest pair is 3-4 years old and still holding up awesome.


  • Great low rise design
  • V Front makes it super sexy
  • Amazing Materials


  • Pricy for undies, but will hold up over time
  • Semi-sheer so not for the conservative/shy guy


  • Daily Fit – 9.5
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 9.5
  • Daily Performance – 9.5
  • Overall: 9.7

This pair was furnished for review by Gregg Homme. The For Play line has the brief in Black, White, Purple and Grey for $34.95. Also available in a string, boxer and t-shirt in the same colors. See more pics below:

1124-Cowboy-Ambiance-1I will be the first to admit I’m not a “thong guy.” Not saying I don’t like them but my usual go to pair is a brief. But, when Gregg Homme sends a thong to review, I knew I had to give it a go. The pair they sent is the Cowboy Thong. When I saw it in Vegas I loved it. I just wish I had the chaps to go with it! But I only got the thong!

Gregg Homme has consistently made amazing underwear. Every pair I have ever received have fit amazing and been able to wear through out the day with any problems. So, anytime I get a new pair from them they come from a high standard! I will admit I was kinda excited to try this pair. Why you ask? Well the thong has a pouch that is sheer but has a design laid over it, so it doesn’t show your business but is super sexy.

When I pulled it out of the package the first thing that concerned me was the pouch. Yes, I love a great pouch and need the room up front. Previous pairs have been made out of super stretchy material and I never worried, this one was more rigid, for a lack of better word, material. There wasn’t a lot of give so I hoped it would fit. I slid them on and they did fit pretty well. I will say it amazed me how well it fit. The pouch as supper supportive and felt great.

I decided to wear these to two different holiday parties. I will say my chief concern was would I show a whale tale in my jeans, I wore lower rise jeans and it could definitely show when I bent over. But I wore a longer shirt and I don’t think it showed. As the night went on I could tell it haven’t worn a thong often. The string bothered me a little when I sat and leaned forward. But it wasn’t annoying I think I was just not used to wearing one. When I was standing and mingling I really forgot I had it on. I really felt super sexy wearing this and no one knew what I had on!

That is prob the best thing about wearing super sexy undies. It makes you feel amazing. I think we need to treat our selves with undies like these every so often. Also, it’s great to step outside our underwear comfort box and wear something we wouldn’t wear in a normal day. Mix it up and have fun.

The sizing in Gregg Homme is pretty spot on with the size guide. I wore an XL with my 36-38 waist. The sizes can range from XS to XL so check the size chart but I don’t think you will have much issues with sizing with them.


  • Great Design that is super fun
  • Good supportive Pouch
  • Just fun to wear to a party


  • String bothered me a little


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall: 9.4

If you’re a thong fan I would say get these, or if you want to step outside your comfort zone try them out! Gregg Homme furnished this pair for review. It is available on their site for $38.95. Also available in the colors, Steel and Sand. The pair I reviewed was the Sand.

See more pics below:

eroticwear-mainThis guide is going to be a bit different. Unlike the previous guides we profiled different pairs, this time we are profiling different brands. This set of erotic underwear, as we call it, is different for every guy. Some like thongs, some like leather/rubber look or hell even leather/underwear. We wanted to profile some great brands that make amazing erotic underwear.

I think each of these brands have something different to offer. I have talked to many guys and they all love each of these brands. So if you’re bold enough to wear these or you want your man to wear something skimpy and fun then definitely check out these. Browse through the stores and we guarantee you will find something. I have been known to go to these stores and I will also admit that I like wearing a thong on occasion or something super sexy under my clothes.

Read more about the brands


We bring you another guide for the guy in your life who loves thongs. We know not everyone out there is a thong fan but the guys who are love them. If you’re not familiar with thongs you may not know what would be good to get your thong fan. This is a quick guide to find some really great thongs any guy would love. This guide is made to make you think and explore some of the sites. Or if you just want to buy what we post, our guys highly  recommend them and know the thong lover you are buying for will enjoy them as well.

This one was a little harder to put together. Where I do like thongs I don’t wear the on a regular basis. Some of my favorites have been on the site, we wanted to give you some newer thongs your guy may not have and a few older ones. If you are a thong fan share with us your favorites and we will share them on our social media!

Read our picks for thongs below:

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First my apologies for posting this one day late! We are now in December but with Thanksgiving and the holiday sales it got pushed back a day in to December.

The undies elves at Deadgoodundies are busy supplying the men of the UK with all their festive wishes as the mayhem that is the holiday shopping season gets well underway.

HOM Boxer Line Maxi Twin Pack GBP29.00

HOM Boxer Line Maxi Twin Pack GBP29.00

Multipack men’s underwear makes a great gift and it seems UK shoppers are finally learning that designer offerings are SO much more desirable. This gorgeous HOM twinpack combines shades of navy and rose pink.

HOM Luxury Cotton Cashmere Business Socks GBP13.00

HOM Luxury Cotton Cashmere Business Socks GBP13.00

Socks might be a Christmas cliché but even the man who has everything will appreciate a seriously posh pair like these in a cotton and cashmere blend.

Bruno Banani Straight Line Sport Shirt GBP27.50

Bruno Banani Straight Line Sport Shirt GBP27.50 and Hip Short GBP20.00

Bruno Banani’s new Straight Line range is always in stock and UK buyers are busy stocking up on the gorgeous holly berry red option.

Mundo Unico Espacio Corto Boxer Brief GBP24.00

Mundo Unico Espacio Corto Boxer Brief GBP24.00

Colourful shorts are always more popular at this time of year with generous shoppers buying something a little bit special for others rather than essentials for themselves.

Body Art Mars Swim String GBP22.00

Body Art Mars Swim String GBP22.00

Not everybody in the UK is wrapping up for winter – some lucky souls are seeking out beach sun and refreshing their swimwear collection with bright strings, briefs and trunks.

Gregg Homme Treasure Boxer Brief GBP45.95

Gregg Homme Treasure Boxer Brief GBP45.95

Whether shopping for an avid underwear fan or treating yourself for the party season, it doesn’t get more spectacular than the new Gregg Homme collection which includes this chain and rivet print short.

Find these and more at Dead Good Undies



1127-Booty-AmbianceGregg Homme is at it again. This time rather then making underwear for the endowed guy they do it for the guy who has a great butt. We have covered a lot of the endowed guys but some times leave out the guy with junk in the trunk. We are hoping to rectify that very soon. But in the mean time, Gregg Homme wants to make some great undies to show off your assets.

“Shake it, tap it, go ahead and slap it! Gregg Homme’s BOOTY has you covered… well, only slightly – these very revealing yet supportive undergarments are designed in a soft microfiber, high-end liquid-touch fabric with straps at the seat made of raw edge material that won’t fray or wear out, no matter what kind of treatment you subject your booty to!”

The one thing that Gregg Homme excels at is fabric use. This pair has “high-end liquid touch fabric in soft microfiber, these BOOTY briefs by Gregg Homme give you support and definition via a center-seamed, anatomical pouch and a seat designed with 1-inch straps constructed with raw edge material that won’t wear out or fray at the borders.” Meaning the back won’t fray or mess up. It’s cut so that is will always look exactly the same as the day you bought it.

This pair is available in just briefs and in Black, White, Khaki, Red, Purple and Sky Blue. They are super popular, many of the sizes are sold out but you can guarantee they will be back shortly. I’m going to ask this week for some review pairs of these awesome undies. We have a guy who would be the ideal guy to review them. Gregg Homme may not be cheap but they are well made and will be in your underwear drawer.

112703-28-far-front112703-28-close-side 112703-28-close-back

112703-27-far-front 112703-27-close-side 112703-27-close-back

112703-24-far-front 112703-24-close-side 112703-24-close-back

112703-03-far-front 112703-03-close-side 112703-03-close-back

112703-02-far-front 112703-02-close-side 112703-02-close-back

112703-01-far-front 112703-01-close-side 112703-01-close-back


Gregg Homme is all about fun. Every year when I see the new collections they bring a smile to my face. This year is another big year for them. They have some great new things coming in terms of underwear and swimwear. I have also long said that they make sexy underwear wearable for all day rather then a few hours. Nothing worse then putting on a pair that is super sexy only to have it drive you crazy an hour after wearing them.

The new Baller line is one made out of 85% POLYAMIDE, 15% SPANDEX blend that is semi transparent. This is what Gregg Homme has to say about the line: When you’ve made it to the big time, you have to dress like it… and what you wear underneath is just as important. Gregg Homme’s BALLER collection has all the trademarks of high-end fashion design without a shred of pretentiousness; the material says it all: a semi-transparent yet durable hyperstretch fabric that adapts to your every movement while keeping your goods in check with total comfort.

So you work really hard to get where you are and have to suit up every day. But shouldn’t you have something fun under? Who really knows what you have on under your suit pants. We definitely think so, and on a mission to have all guys wear amazing underwear.

I really love this pair because they make amazing underwear out of the lightest fabrics. When you feel it for the first time you think “there is no way this is going to hold up for the entire day. It’s gotta loose it shape and fall down.” But, Gregg Homme’s underwear never does, it holds the shape, The materials you feel that are so light offer amazing support and then things they can do with it are AMAZING. These fall into that category. I gave you guys a side view close up on each so you can see the pouch. These remind me of the Voyeur line in a way, which is a great thing. The Voyeur is one of my all time favorite Gregg Homme Lines.

The Line is available in 4 styles. They are a String, Thong, Brief and Boxer. Each of the four colors are available in White, Black, Grey and Purple. They have all been released an are on the Gregg Homme site now!

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Gregg Homme is back and bringing the sexy with them. I have to say that Gregg Homme is my go to for super sexy underwear. Each collection they release I keep thinking there is no way they can get sexier and every year they continually surprise me. I mean, you think at some point they would run out of ideas… but they never do, and for us underwear lovers that’s a good thing.

This year they released the new video called “Shake the Snake” where you see the snake go in the tent and then he comes out in the amazing snake skin undies. Well those undies are the new Snakeskin line. It doesn’t have a catchy name but does it really need it? Gregg Homme has a knack for taking what could be a totally over the top pair and cheesy and making it sexy and elegant.

This is the official Gregg Homme info about the pair: “Sleek & sexy, the SNAKESKIN collection by Gregg Homme features a colorful, total-coverage snakeskin print graphic on a silky stretch faux-suede fabric that is smooth to the touch. With its anatomical, body-flattering cuts and attractive design, this array of serpentine-inspired undergarments is sure to surprise your lucky prey!”

I really love this line and I’m not a big fan of animal print. Every pair of Gregg Homme I have have been top notch construction and materials. These are made out of 96% POLYESTER, 4% SPANDEX. Which I know I hear some of you saying Polyester, but I can assure you it will be amazing.

Snakeskin is available in a String, Thong, Brief and Boxer. Each style is just in the color shown. We hope you enjoy this look at the wild side. We will bring you more about the other collections soon! Find these at the Gregg Homme Site

You may know we have a few guys in the new focus group. They told us that you guys want to see close up pics too, so we will mix both full body and close up pics. As always if you have a suggestion for how we can get you info in a better way, let us know!

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Gregg Homme is back with another super sexy collection. Last time was about fetish with the bondage line and this time they are back with really fun line called Cowboy! Gregg Homme isn’t afraid to have a lot of fun with their new lines. They always have one that is just fun! The Cowboy line is the fun line of this one.

“From folk heroes like Wild Bill Hicock and The Sundance Kid to iconic portrayals made famous by the likes of John Wayne and the Marlboro Man, the cowboy image has been a symbol of American virility for as long as anyone can remember. Gregg Homme’s COWBOY collection, made of a rugged-looking but soft faux-suede material, will rope you in with its emphasis on “sexy”, making role-playing really exciting!”

As you can tell the Cowboy line is inspired by the American Cowboy. It comes in a Chap, Muscle Shirt, T-Shirt, Boxer Briefs and Thong. Made out of a super soft faux Suede material in either Steel or Sand. The material is pretty awesome, when I got to see it in Vegas and feel it. It will feel amazing. The collection can be worn together or separate

About the line:

  • Colors – Steel or Sand
  • Made from a soft, faux-suede material
  • Sizes – Small – Xtra Large

This line is available at the Gregg Homme Site and retailers across the web.

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I have a 27″ waist.

Some people may think I’m joking when I say that, but keep in mind I’m only about as tall as Elijah Wood or Daniel Radcliffe. Shopping for clothes is not as fun for us smaller men because so many things could never fit, even with a good tailor. Most underwear is sized with Small being 28-30″ but there are many where Small can start at 30″. This can lead to frustration and disappointment when you realize that the store won’t accept a return on an opened package and that the Boy’s Section does not carry a 2xist y-back thong. Luckily for my fellow petite gents out there I’ve done some legwork to find brands that accommodate the Extra Small underwear fan.


image copy

HOM is a French brand that offers many styles in XS with a nice snug fit. The quality is outstanding and cuts are high on the leg for briefs. If you’d like a break from the current trend of giant brand names on the waistband, HOM offers very clean lines. It can be tricky finding a lot of colors outside of black, white and gray in the XS size, though. Overall HOM is a choice brand for basics with a sexy European edge.

American Apparel

image copy 2

American Apparel doesn’t offer a variety of styles- just a brief and a boxerbrief, but they are available in XS. They come in a rainbow variety of bright, fun colors and are widely available through many retail locations. They have become something of an icon for retro fashion briefs. Personally, they are not my favorite because I find they have a pretty flat, uncontoured pouch and maybe too much room in the back (your mileage may vary). After a few washes things kept sneaking out the leg bands which seemed to stretch out quickly.


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C-IN2 offers a few basic styles in XS but the good news is that their size Small tends to be a great fit for XS guys as well. Look for “No Show” or “Low Profile” styles for a great pouch and a low rise. Their jocks fit pretty well too, but could be tighter in the leg bands for that great “strapped in” feeling. I find the built-in “enhancing ring” in some of their briefs overcomplicated and unnecessary, but they do show off the good china. C-IN2 is one of my all-time favorite brands and offers a lot of colors, textures, and prints for the XS underwear fan.



Addicted is a great brand from Spain that offers styles in XS. I have a brief, jockstrap, and jockbrief from them in XS and the fit is amazing. The jocks have nice thick leg straps for great butt lift and they have lot of bold colors and a striking signature waistband. The quality of construction is high, but so is the price tag. My Addicted XS jockstrap is in heavy rotation as my “wow factor” underwear and I look forward to ordering more from them soon.

Mundo Unico

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Unico does not make an XS but most everyone agrees that you should order a size up anyway. Their size small is a tight fit regardless, and sometimes it seems their pouches can’t contain all of your enthusiasm. I find the tag placement on the outside to be odd but otherwise they look hot and are well constructed. Their trunks and boxerbriefs have great grip on the thighs and check out their thermals/long johns for the winter months.

Andrew Christian

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Andrew Christian is booming now and seems to offer every style and color they make in XS. There’s a lot to choose from- briefs, jockbriefs, jocks, trunks, and even swimwear in youthful colors with lots of contrast piping. The fit in the waist and leg bands for XS is good, and a lot of them now come with “enhancing” or hanging-pouch features for your junk. I’m not a huge fan myself of the “toucan beak” or “anteater snout” look for my bulge but if you like to swing in the breeze then get some Andrew Christian.

Gregg Homme

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Gregg Homme makes XS gear that you may not want to be seen folding at the laundry. Alternatively, stacking up a pile of Gregg Homme’s fetish-inspired mesh, faux leather, sheer crotches, zippers, and bondage strap underwear at the laundromat would definitely be a way to get attention!  This stuff is definitely more playwear than daywear but has good construction with a definite attention to textures and fabrics. I don’t think the brand really does anything in “relaxed fit” so you can be sure the sizing will be snug. I appreciate that Gregg Homme doesn’t leave the XS guys out when it comes to dressing like a vampire stripper.

Brands that don’t make XS styles may still fit, but it may take some trial and error based on how close you are. It can be frustrating to buy something and have it look much baggier on you than expected, especially since returning a worn jockstrap can be tricky. Small sizes that are listed as within 28″ generally fit for me but not always as snug as I’d like. Check the sizing chart for each brand, some start at 30″ for Small. A good tip is to look for the ones that have lycra or spandex blended in, as those tend to be cut smaller with room for stretch. Don’t forget that you can try to shrink a cotton garment by washing it in hot water and drying it on high heat.

Tried any others? Leave a comment if you have

Dash is the newest writer here on UNB. We hope you enjoy this and you’ll see more from him soon! Follow him on Twitter @dashdistraction

hot-july-dguThe UK is experiencing a massive heat wave. The temperature is rising and along with it sales of thongs and strings at specialist Brit online retailer Deadgoodundies. They say string sales have overtaken briefs, after two years in second place…

 Body Art Borsion String GBP23.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Body Art Borsion String £23.00

Could this be the answer to what Scotsmen wear under their kilt? Body Art’s tartan string is cool and colourful.

Doreanse 1334 Thong GBP11.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Doreanse 1334 Thong £11.00

The mixture of cotton and modal yarns and the neat flat waistband make the Doreanse tanga thong a best seller at DGU.

Gregg Homme Musk String GBP17.95 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Gregg Homme Musk String £17.95

Gregg Homme’s minimalist string has a peach soft fabric and the finest thong back – perfect for personal aeration when the going gets hot.

HOM Fredy String GBP14.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

HOM Fredy String £14.00

Fredy, HOM’s legendary cotton string that has been a best seller from the year dot, is to be discontinued! But fans can still buy it from DGU – though once current stock is gone, it’s gone for good.

HOM Plume String Twinpack GBP26.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

HOM Plume String Twinpack £26.00

Another design to be phased out by HOM is the Plume String. When it was launched this was the lightest string in the world. Again, a fave with DGU customers and still in stock. Watch this space for some interesting news from the guys at Deadgoodundies…

Joe Snyder Active Wear V Thong 04 @ GBP22.00 Deadgoodundies.com

Joe Snyder Shining Active Wear V Thong 04 £22.00

In classic black or white, or gorgeous red or turquoise the brand new Joe Snyder Active Wear collection offers two thong alternatives – with the body fabric is opaque glistening Shining finish, or the finest cobwebby mesh. And if you want an even slimmer string option, there’s an Active Wear g-string in the same two material choices.

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Neon Tanga 03 GBP 18.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Neon Tanga Thong 03 £18.00

The frame of the name is a neat band of neon trim that forms the finest waistband and a ‘frame’ loop around the genitals. Quite brilliant in white, orange, green or turquoise – each with a sleek black body fabric.

Olaf Benz RED 1315 Mini String GBP28.00 @ Deadgoodundies.com

Olaf Benz RED 1315 Mini String £28.00

A picture can’t do justice to the two tone look created by this Olaf Benz design. In black or brick, the string uses two fine layers of fabric. The inside layer is slightly lighter in colour than the exterior so the effect is unique.

Find these at www.deadgoodundies.com

UNB Readers,

If you have been keeping up with all of our Gregg Homme Post this week, you can see that we are very excited for this collection to come out. So what happens now?

Today, a major mailing will be going out to a bunch of different blogs, magazines, TV, and many other media outlets. Gregg Homme also told us that they are revamping their website for a launch this weekend. They will be posting “making of” videos and tons of photos from their 2011 collection photo shots. They have promised lots of skin, lots of pecs, lots of abs, and lots of emotion. What more could you want.

The pictures that you have seen and the articles that you have read is just a preview of what this collection will have to offer. The Gregg Homme 2011 Collection will be available for purchase in 6-8 weeks, so find your favorite Gregg Homme retailer and get your wish list started.

We have had a blast working with Gregg Homme as they get ready to launch their new collection, and would like to say “Thank You” to Gregg Homme for giving UNB and all of its readers this opportunity. Be looking for more posts and reviews as the release date gets closer.

View All Gregg Homme Post from this last week

John W. – Asst. Editor UNB

Fuzion by Gregg Homme Preview 2011 Collection

All this week we have dedicated our Brief Distraction to the Preview 2011 Collection by Gregg Homme. Underwear News Briefs (UNB) has been given the exclusive rights to these images before they are released next week.

Today’s Brief Distraction is the new Fuzion by Gregg Homme. This mesh style will come in a revealing brief style cut. The Fuzion style will come in size: XS, S, M, L, XL. You will be able to get this style in Black, Pink, Lime, and Blue.

Images and content provided exclusively for Underwear News Briefs (UNB) by Gregg Homme.