Of the many companies who provide the world with socks, the few following brands stand out in stores, catalogs, or online:

  • Sock Dreams is a fantastic site I have found on the vast World Wide Web.  It has a great collection of designs and dress socks.  I saw many of them that I really loved.  Yes, many of them have rings of color, but others are quite colorful indeed.  Definitely check them out and get creative.
  • Calvin Klein® makes a great selection of socks for men.  Their collection includes crews, ankles, and low-cut in a variety of colors.  They also have dove into the dress sock arena with their awesome collection.  I have tried these socks before and I love the smooth comfortable feel of the materials.  You can always count on CK to provide good quality clothing.
  • Adidas® has a great line of socks. Of course, this is a company we’ve come to expect great things from when it comes to athletic accessories.  Their underwear may not be our favorites at UNB, but I am sure we’ve all had a pair of Adidas socks, shoes, or a shirt in the past.  I know I do anyway.  These can be found in sports supply stores all over the country and probably the world.
  • Gold Toe® is a sock manufacturer that provides socks for any type of sock wearer.  They make some of the best athletic socks in various colors with their signature gold patch over the toe.  Their dress socks are very comfortable and are the longest lasting ones I own.  You can find these in many department stores and online.  They make a very durable cotton/spandex blend that is offered in many colors and holds up well while walking in your favorite dress shoes.
  • Hanes® and Fruit of the Loom® have been manufactures of socks for many years and are, above all, the most common one found in stores and ads.  Each has their own special way of setting apart their products from competitors.  For the everyday man, these would probably be the ones their wives would pick out for them.  They have no frills and they tend to last as long as any others…under normal wearing conditions.  They offer packages of black crew socks that are perfect for wearing with dress shoes when you don’t want to wear the traditional dress sock and like the feel of your favorite athletic socks.  Some of their socks are also equipped with antibacterial agents to fight the odors that can occur.
  • American Apparel® makes a wide range of socks, including the beloved tube socks.  They offer many more designs than you would find in stores today, such as red, green, blue, or black tubes with white stripes, and for traditionally women, they have thigh high leg warmers with color rings.  It may seem weird to some, but these can come in handy in colder weather to insulate the body.  Hunters have been known to wear pantyhose underneath their gear for the same purpose.  If you want warmth, don’t be afraid to check these out.
  • Wigwam® is a company I truly love.  I am into hiking and the outdoor scene, but I am also very concerned with comfort.  Wigwam will NOT let you down.  Their socks are made for comfort.  The website is so amazingly easy to use.  Go to www.wigwam.com and select outdoor, sports, snowsports (because it’s different), health, or at work to see a range of specialty socks aimed at helping you do them all.  If you choose outdoors, you can actually choose the thickness you want.  How much more dedicated can they be?  Check them out for sure.

No matter what brand socks you choose to buy, get the ones that make you feel good, look good, and most of all, cater to your needs.  There are tons of choices and some work for certain people.  Find your niche and have fun.


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  1. these are all great name brand companies with great apparel but you should try Shivers at http://www.shiverswear.com Shivers are lightweight long underwear with a sock attached a functioning fly for men. Shivers were invented by a man who wore women’s nylons under his hunting and motorcycle clothing to keep warm without sweating like when you wear cotton long underwear. I love my Shivers!

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