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Remember that time, maybe not too long ago, when you thought buying nice underwear wasn’t worth it? Now that you’ve tried the good stuff, you’ll never go back, right?

That’s how I felt about socks maybe six months ago. Since then, my attitude has totally changed, just like it did about underwear about six years ago. And I think after you take the plunge, you’ll feel the same way.

So you’re probably wondering, what brand changed my attitude? The answer is Happy Socks. I had just finished working a freelance job, heard a rave review from a friend and figured I’d give the brand a whirl since I had a little bit of extra cash. I feel in love instantly. I work in a fairly conservative office environment, and I’ve found that I can use socks like these to add a touch of color and fun to the everyday drab. The images below two of my favorites–the stripe half and optic designs.

half-stripe  optic

Designed in Sweden and manufactured in Turkey, Happy Socks offer the best comfort out there in addition to their cute, fun style. The brand prides itself on quality above all else, and I’ve found their claims to be true. I love the pairs that I have, and since I’m wearing them all the time, I’m washing them all the time. Despite that fact, I haven’t had any problems with shrinking or fading.

If the $12 a piece price tag makes you a cringe you a bit, have no fear. Of the five or so pairs I currently own, I’ve only a bought a few straight from the manufacturer. I’ve regularly seen the brand on eBay and on flash sale sites like at steep discounts. Check them out!

heroSocks are something we don’t cover much here and we should. We have something in the works now and it will be out soon! I like socks a lot, the styles I like range from ankle socks, gym socks and dress socks. Granted this is not as much as my big love of underwear, but I still like them. 2(X)ist has come out with a brand new N0-Show athletic sock collection.

Their site says: “Our slip-on athletic, casual, and dress socks are tricked out with an amazing design that simply vanishes into your shoes.” 2(X)ist made them for athletic, casual and dress. These maybe the perfect sock to wear under loafers if you don’t want your socks to show. The No-Show socks are $10 on the 2(x)ist site

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There’s no need to waste your time hiding inside baggy jeans or to spend hours in the gym. Andrew Christian‘s Flashback Butt Lifting and Contouring Technology is the latest innovation in men’s underwear for those seeking the perfect bubble-butt.

This underwear is essential gear for every guy. It features an invisible lifting support built into the seams of the underwear. The construction of the underwear automatically lifts the buttocks making it look firm and round without the need for any embarrassing padding, uncomfortable cups or straps hidden inside. Most people can add up to 1/2 to 1 inches (1.3 – 2.5 cm) onto their current buttocks measurements helping them achieve a rounder fuller look with this amazing new feature. The fit is super comfortable…like wearing a jock strap.

Product Features:

  • No embarrassing padding, hidden cups or straps
  • Completely invisible support structure
  • Add 1/2″ to 1″ onto your current buttock measurements
  • Features Anti-Muffin Top elastic for a slimmer looking waistline
  • Slim Fit – New Improved Fit
  • Made in the Andrew Christian Design Studio, Los Angeles, CA


  • 1 1/4 inch logo elastic waistband
  • Sides measure 6 inches from top of waistband to leg opening
  • ¾ inch fold under trim at leg hems
  • No fly
  • 90% Cotton, 10% Spandex
  • Machine Wash Warm
  • Tumble Dry Low

Regular Price $25.00
Sale price with coupon $19.00

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Of the many companies who provide the world with socks, the few following brands stand out in stores, catalogs, or online:

  • Sock Dreams is a fantastic site I have found on the vast World Wide Web.  It has a great collection of designs and dress socks.  I saw many of them that I really loved.  Yes, many of them have rings of color, but others are quite colorful indeed.  Definitely check them out and get creative.
  • Calvin Klein® makes a great selection of socks for men.  Their collection includes crews, ankles, and low-cut in a variety of colors.  They also have dove into the dress sock arena with their awesome collection.  I have tried these socks before and I love the smooth comfortable feel of the materials.  You can always count on CK to provide good quality clothing.
  • Adidas® has a great line of socks. Of course, this is a company we’ve come to expect great things from when it comes to athletic accessories.  Their underwear may not be our favorites at UNB, but I am sure we’ve all had a pair of Adidas socks, shoes, or a shirt in the past.  I know I do anyway.  These can be found in sports supply stores all over the country and probably the world.
  • Gold Toe® is a sock manufacturer that provides socks for any type of sock wearer.  They make some of the best athletic socks in various colors with their signature gold patch over the toe.  Their dress socks are very comfortable and are the longest lasting ones I own.  You can find these in many department stores and online.  They make a very durable cotton/spandex blend that is offered in many colors and holds up well while walking in your favorite dress shoes.
  • Hanes® and Fruit of the Loom® have been manufactures of socks for many years and are, above all, the most common one found in stores and ads.  Each has their own special way of setting apart their products from competitors.  For the everyday man, these would probably be the ones their wives would pick out for them.  They have no frills and they tend to last as long as any others…under normal wearing conditions.  They offer packages of black crew socks that are perfect for wearing with dress shoes when you don’t want to wear the traditional dress sock and like the feel of your favorite athletic socks.  Some of their socks are also equipped with antibacterial agents to fight the odors that can occur.
  • American Apparel® makes a wide range of socks, including the beloved tube socks.  They offer many more designs than you would find in stores today, such as red, green, blue, or black tubes with white stripes, and for traditionally women, they have thigh high leg warmers with color rings.  It may seem weird to some, but these can come in handy in colder weather to insulate the body.  Hunters have been known to wear pantyhose underneath their gear for the same purpose.  If you want warmth, don’t be afraid to check these out.
  • Wigwam® is a company I truly love.  I am into hiking and the outdoor scene, but I am also very concerned with comfort.  Wigwam will NOT let you down.  Their socks are made for comfort.  The website is so amazingly easy to use.  Go to and select outdoor, sports, snowsports (because it’s different), health, or at work to see a range of specialty socks aimed at helping you do them all.  If you choose outdoors, you can actually choose the thickness you want.  How much more dedicated can they be?  Check them out for sure.

No matter what brand socks you choose to buy, get the ones that make you feel good, look good, and most of all, cater to your needs.  There are tons of choices and some work for certain people.  Find your niche and have fun.

We have another long and over due staff podcast. We talk about whats coming up with the site:

  • Exclusive content coming up
  • Magic Trade Show,
  • Some great reviews from Lifeizpantz, Tribe, Male Power and Bonewear.
  • Then we talk about some of the things we want to see in underwear in 2010.
  • Wes talks about his socks posting

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for more podcast soon!

A fad from the past is steadily emerging in the fashion industry.  Tube socks, from the late 70s and through the 80s, are returning with a vengeance.  Some may remember these being called “Kool-Aid” socks.  These bring back so many memories for me, and not all good, unfortunately.  When I was in elementary and middle school, my parents would buy these socks for me to wear at school.  During the warmer days, I hated having these socks on my legs while the “cool” kids had their new ankle socks.  I would roll the tops of my socks down so that the color rings would not show.  Today, however, I proudly wear these socks.  Think back to the popular shows of the 80s, say “The Wonder Years”, “Punky Brewster”, or “Silver Spoons” and remember how many times you saw these socks on people.  They wore them for the world to see.  Even the adult movie industry made good use of them!

Pulse Sock Jock available at Skiviez

To go along with the retro tube sock, UNB has featured the Pulse Retro Jock that sports the matching color bands.  How cool is it that now, your socks and your underwear can match again.  When guys were wearing the original color briefs with white piping, they were matching them to their socks with singular colors such as wearing their white tubes with blue bands and their blue briefs.  Now, you aren’t held back by the sold colors!  Mix them up with green and yellow and purchase the green/yellow Pulse Jock and show them off!

A year or two ago, I found a pack of fantastic boot socks from Journeys®.  They are still my most favorite socks to wear, especially since it has been an exceptionally cold winter.  These tube socks are long enough that they cover my kneecaps when I pull them up.  I have them in blue/red, green/yellow, and brown/orange.  When I wear them, I feel like I am back in the 80s with a better appreciation for them.  How could I have covered those rings when I was a teen.  Maybe I could have been the one to bring them back into style!

A fad we’ve seen emerging in primarily dress socks is silk.  These can be found in almost any color of the rainbow.  Sites have been created specifically for lovers of this type of sock.  Silk is very sheer and is quite see-through.  Silk socks are about the closest thing a guy can have to women’s pantyhose.  I have worn silk socks and I have to admit they feel different, if not weird, for the first few times they’re worn, but you do get accustomed to their lightness and ability to breathe.  The smooth feel of these socks are amazing.  One thing you may consider purchasing before getting into silk socks is sock garters.  Yes, men wear garters, too!  I found mine online somewhere, but you can find them at Sock Dreams.  Personally, I find them very attractive.  Not only can underwear spice up your life, but also socks.  Who knew something we tend to look over could be sexy!

Many men like to match the color of their dress socks with their underwear.  In the ever growing fashion market in underwear and socks, this isn’t hard to accomplish.  Companies are starting to create designs of all sorts to match the demand of their customers.  You can find then in horizontal and vertical stripes, paisley, plaid, and various geometrical patterns.  Being a man of habit, I tend to match as much as I can.  I knew a guy a few years ago that I knew what color underwear he had on by looking at his shirt.  The same idea goes along with socks.  If you are brave to try new things, go out and buy different colors of socks.  You will find a different person inside that has been dying to come out all along.

Wearing sports socks for everyday wear is a fad that appears every now and then.  When I say sports socks, I mean socks you would normally see worn on the soccer (futbol) field (as seen at the top), baseball socks with the vertical color stripes on the sides, or socks with the solid colors at the top (about 5-6 inches) while the bottoms are white (as shown here).  I have wanted to buy some of the more American football socks.  I am sure they could be found in sports stores such as Dick’s Sporting Goods® or online at Eastbay®.  I have a few pairs of baseball socks in blue and red..

Finding out what socks people have on, to me, is like finding out what kind of underwear someone is wearing.  They both let you know the person a bit more.  For instance, I bought a pair of Spiderman underwear last week.  I love them because they make me feel like a big kid.  On the same token, if you lifted the leg of my pants, there might be a pair of Auburn University socks, reflecting my favorite team in college football.

Along with the popularity of underwear in the men’s fashion world, we can see an ever increasing popularity of socks.  I guess in one way or another, they are linked together as they are both necessary articles of clothing to many.  On the other hand, we see just as many people who do not wear socks as we do of men that go commando.  Either way, socks continue to be an interesting material of clothing that brings joy and spice to people’s lives.

Material is important to consider when choosing the right pair for you.  We have more selections today than we have ever seen.  Cotton, silk, and spandex are just a couple of choices offered to men.  The many styles of dress socks are examples of the different materials offered in almost any style, primarily found in over-the-calf and crew cuts.

When picking out the socks you want, be sure to read the package to see how the tops of the socks are created and with what enhancements they have to avoid falling down.  Nothing is more irritating than having to stop and pull up your socks over and over again.  You may have to buy more than one design before you find the one you are comfortable with.  I have bought many pairs of socks and then either threw them away or gave them to the partner because they did not hold up as well as they should.  If you buy a pair you really love and they do not stay pulled up, you may want to invest in a male sock garter.  These are often seen when someone is wearing a suit or a fancier pair of dress slacks.  Honestly, you can wear them with whatever you want.  I own a pair just in case I find that perfect pair of dress socks.

As you can see in the above pictures, some brands place a strip of elasticized material in the middle of the foot.  This piece has a great purpose.  It forces the sock to stay in place instead of bunching at the toe.  It also gives extra support to the natural arch in your foot.  I love my Starter® crews and Ralph Lauren® ankles that sport this feature.  I wish more brands added this to their design.

Wool socks are nothing new.  These have been around for many years, but I, like many, am a late bloomer when it comes to areas of fashion.  My partner and I own a few pairs of wool hiking socks that are at the top of the comfort scale.  Whether we are walking up the side of Stone Mountain (northeast of Atlanta, GA) or lying on the couch at home, these socks will keep our feet comfy and toasty.  The ones we have are thicker than normal, of course, because they are used for hiking, but there are thinner versions for everyday wear.

If you can find a material that briefs and other underwear has been made from, you can find a pair of socks to match.  for instance, we’ve found that Modal is very comfortable against the sensitive parts of the male anatomy.  What you may not know is that this material is naturally antimicrobial and wicks moisture away from the skin.  This is important in any location of the body where we sweat the most.  Our feet can excrete tons of sweat in a day.  This miracle material can help wick that moisture away from the foot, allowing it to stay as dry as possible.  Great for outdoor workers and sports fanatics.

Whatever the need or desire, there is a material on the market today to give you exactly what you are wanting.

You enter a department store and head toward the underwear section.  You are concerned about fit, comfort, style, and durability as you always are when choosing the right thing for you.  This trip isn’t for briefs, but for something else in the realm of underwear.  You know your size, but do you want something longer or shorter?  Do you want something in color, the original white, or maybe something with stripes or color rings?  When it comes to purchasing a good pair of socks, one has about as many options as when choosing a new pair of briefs.  Just the same, it all comes down to what the wearer expects and personal preference.

Here at UNB, we want people to know what’s out there so that a better choice can be made for the buyer’s comfort and in case the buyer wants to branch out and try something new.  First off, it’s important to know the different common lengths we find in stores:

  • Over-the-calf – This style of sock is the best for wearing boots because of their length, covering the calves of the legs.  Some people might wear these because they like to feel something tighter below the knee.  Companies out there are making more and more socks for those with blood vessel issues.  These are also seen many times on athletes, who wear them so wonderfully.

  • Crew – This style is worn by many athletes and can be said to be the most common.  The sock comes up to the calf or about midway the calf.  Many basketball players wear these with high-tops.  Some workers chose to wear these with construction boots as well when they do not want the full coverage of the kind above.  These were some sent by two Canadian friends a few years ago.  I ended up with two pair and I love them.  They were marketed in Canada to get people to have pride and cheer for their Olympic team.
  • Ankle – These socks used to be worn primarily by women when they first appeared in the fashion world, but luck would have it that men noticed the look of this cut and wanted it in their day to day wardrobe as well.  These are popular with athletes wanting less material on their legs, students that don’t want to wear “un-cool” fashions, and everyday people who want summer comfort and style with shorts.

  • Low-cut or no-show – This style of sock is somewhat new within the past few years for men. Again, it was primarily worn by females.   Mainly worn with low-top sneakers, these socks give the impression of not wearing socks with shoes.  Many shoe brands are making a lower top on their sneakers and people do not want the extra sock material above.  Some say they can and cannot wear these because of how little material there is, but once again, we see this as a personal preference.

The choice of sock definitely depends on what you will be doing when wearing them.  For instance, my father was in the timber industry for most all his adult life.  Many of his socks were the gray, over-the-calf socks with the wide red band around the top.  They were designed for those that would be on their feet doing strenuous work.  Construction workers are guys we are familiar seeing wearing this kind of sock.  We’ve seen many pictures of that from the 80s.

In the coming up articles, I will be discussing the different activities linked to socks, materials they are made from, the various fads we’ve seen in men’s socks, and what good places there are to find them. Stay tuned for more sock love!

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