Material is important to consider when choosing the right pair for you.  We have more selections today than we have ever seen.  Cotton, silk, and spandex are just a couple of choices offered to men.  The many styles of dress socks are examples of the different materials offered in almost any style, primarily found in over-the-calf and crew cuts.

When picking out the socks you want, be sure to read the package to see how the tops of the socks are created and with what enhancements they have to avoid falling down.  Nothing is more irritating than having to stop and pull up your socks over and over again.  You may have to buy more than one design before you find the one you are comfortable with.  I have bought many pairs of socks and then either threw them away or gave them to the partner because they did not hold up as well as they should.  If you buy a pair you really love and they do not stay pulled up, you may want to invest in a male sock garter.  These are often seen when someone is wearing a suit or a fancier pair of dress slacks.  Honestly, you can wear them with whatever you want.  I own a pair just in case I find that perfect pair of dress socks.

As you can see in the above pictures, some brands place a strip of elasticized material in the middle of the foot.  This piece has a great purpose.  It forces the sock to stay in place instead of bunching at the toe.  It also gives extra support to the natural arch in your foot.  I love my Starter® crews and Ralph Lauren® ankles that sport this feature.  I wish more brands added this to their design.

Wool socks are nothing new.  These have been around for many years, but I, like many, am a late bloomer when it comes to areas of fashion.  My partner and I own a few pairs of wool hiking socks that are at the top of the comfort scale.  Whether we are walking up the side of Stone Mountain (northeast of Atlanta, GA) or lying on the couch at home, these socks will keep our feet comfy and toasty.  The ones we have are thicker than normal, of course, because they are used for hiking, but there are thinner versions for everyday wear.

If you can find a material that briefs and other underwear has been made from, you can find a pair of socks to match.  for instance, we’ve found that Modal is very comfortable against the sensitive parts of the male anatomy.  What you may not know is that this material is naturally antimicrobial and wicks moisture away from the skin.  This is important in any location of the body where we sweat the most.  Our feet can excrete tons of sweat in a day.  This miracle material can help wick that moisture away from the foot, allowing it to stay as dry as possible.  Great for outdoor workers and sports fanatics.

Whatever the need or desire, there is a material on the market today to give you exactly what you are wanting.


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  1. Curious about the color scheme of the Starter socks. What style of shoe would you wear with these socks?

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