I had never really gotten in to jockstraps before I started writing for Underwear News Briefs.  I quickly found what I had been missing for almost 26 years of my life.  Since my first jockstrap purchase a couple of years ago, I have had the opportunity to try a few styles and brands.  I was very excited to find out that I was going to review one of my favorite brands and cuts.

For those of you that are not familiar with Cocksox, they are a men’s underwear company out of Australia.  They have done for men’s underwear what “the push-up bra has done for women”.  Cocksox has expanded its collections to include not only jockstraps but briefs, thongs, and boxers as well.  Their pouch design is unlike any other underwear company out there.  It has been designed and tested to fit your package like…well, a sock!

I received the new black Classic Jockstrap in a size medium to review.  I have worn the waistband brief and loved it so I was very excited to try the jock.  The first thing I noticed was the soft pouch material.  It is made of a high quality Supplex fabric that is very soft and very breathable.  The waistband is not huge, which was a plus for me, especially if I am looking for a jock for everyday wear.  The waistband has the Cocksox logo in a contrasting tan color.  The leg straps are also very soft to the touch.  I would have to say that I prefer leg straps that don’t twist or curl when you put the jock on.  My personal preference is a rounded fabric on the leg straps and not a flat piece, but this isn’t enough reasoning for me to not love this jock.  I will say the look of this jock, both on and off, is one of the sexiest pieces of Cocksox gear I have in my underwear arsenal.

I wore this jock a couple of times to the gym.  It held up nicely and kept everything in place.  It also added a little extra bulge in the front of my mesh shorts to make a few heads turn. I am in the middle of a pretty intense cardio program and never once during my workout did I have to adjust my undies.  I also wore this jock to work, and once again, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Sitting at a desk all day, I sometimes find my undies cramping the goods in the crotch. The Cocksox jock couldn’t have fit any better. It stayed in place and the specially designed pouch provided enough room for everything to fit and rest comfortably.

Fit 4
Materials 5
Put Together 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 5
Overall 4.8

You can purchase any of the Cocksox styles and colors directly from their website. I will tell you that Cocksox does fit a little small so keep that in mind and check their size chart before you buy. The Classic Jock retails for $25.00 online and also come in white.  Thank you to Cocksox for providing us with this pair of underwear to review!



  1. I think it looks comfortable, but I agree with you that the straps could’ve been wider for a better fit 🙂

  2. i love jockstraps, and i have a lot of them from different brand, so far my favorite is C-IN2. I always want to try CockSox jockstrap for a while, and i even go on Cocksox website and look at it.
    i read couple of the reviews, but still not buy one yet. After i read your review today, i will definitely buy one and try…. It looks like very comfortable and sexy looking…
    Thanks for the review…

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