Title: Celebrating Australia’s First Nations Culture: TEAMM8 x GALI Swimwear Collaboration

In a groundbreaking collaboration, two iconic Australian brands have joined forces to celebrate and honor Australia’s First Nations culture. TEAMM8, renowned for its dominance in the global men’s underwear scene since 2008, partners with GALI Swimwear, the new kid on the block making waves locally and internationally since its inception in 2022.

GALI Swimwear proudly stands as an Aboriginal-owned and operated brand, committed to showcasing Indigenous art and culture ethically. Collaborating with Indigenous artists, GALI creates wearable art that not only embodies exquisite design but also tells stories deeply rooted in Australia’s rich heritage.

TEAMM8, equally proud of its 100% Australian ownership and operation, has long desired to respectfully showcase First Nations heritage and culture. This collaboration not only represents a coming together of two Australian brands but also serves as a powerful message of unity and respect for today’s Australia.

The underwear collaboration between TEAMM8 and GALI features prints crafted by Worimi-Biripi artist, Jake Simon. Speaking about his artworks for this collection, Jake shares, “My artworks for this collection are deeply rooted in the elements of the land, sea, and skies, essential components for flourishing in life. With a strong spotlight on saltwater/freshwater elements.”

Moreover, this collaboration isn’t just about creating stunning pieces of wearable art. It’s about supporting Indigenous artists and communities. Jake Simon receives royalties for his designs, ensuring that his creative contributions are recognized and valued. Additionally, $1 from every purchase will be donated to Indigenous community charities, as nominated by Jake himself.

This collaboration between TEAMM8 and GALI Swimwear transcends mere fashion. It’s a celebration of culture, a tribute to Indigenous artistry, and a commitment to supporting and uplifting First Nations communities. With each purchase, you not only acquire a piece of beautifully crafted underwear but also contribute to a cause that champions Indigenous voices and stories. Join us in celebrating Australia’s First Nations culture with this remarkable collaboration.



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