In celebration of the recent Winter Olympics, I thought I’d put together my very own medal podium, celebrating my favourite three designs of underwear.

In 3rd place and winner of the bronze medal, AussieBum;’s Undies range. This underwear – based on the classic brief design – are really comfortable, offer just the right level of support and more important come in a wide range of bright colours. Made from hardwearing ribbed cotton with a stylish white trim and waistband these are a staple of my underwear drawer and will be for time to come. They can be worn under pretty much anything and are comfortable from the start to the end of the day.

In 2nd place and only just beaten to gold are the 2xist Optic Trunks. These trunks are super (actually, super-super) soft and almost feel like you are not wearing anything. The trunks come in a variety of bold colours and have a contrasting dual colour waistband. The only down side to these is that the material is quite thin and stretchy and by the end of the day tends to suffer in the pouch support area due to this. Also, watch out on sizing – 2xist seem to have really over sized them so always order a size down. If it weren’t for the cost of obtaining these in the UK, I’d have a drawer full.

Finally, in first place and taking the top spot on the podium are the Calvin Klein Steel Trunks range. Soft, comfortable, with a stylish, wide, steel effect waistband this underwear offers just the right level of support from dawn till dusk. Available in a wide range of bright and interesting colours, they look really great under a nice pair of jeans. As mentioned the waistband is nice and wide and so looks better on guys with a decent physique as it’s the quite firm, not that this alters the comfort level! Having said that, my physique is far from perfect and I still reckon they look cool! I’ve always been a fan of the CK range – before the Steel range, pro-stretch were my preferred CK underwear, but these not only win gold in the CK range, but are my gold medal choice overall too!


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