I promised myself back in January that I wasn’t going to purchase any new underwear until after my holiday to Australia in April – kind of needed to do some serious saving! However a 40% weekend extravaganza sale on Calvin Klein underwear soon changed my mind and I went and purchased two pairs of their new X range. I went for two pairs of the cotton trunks version in black and neon pink – the latter colour only appears to be available in the UK at the moment!

I’ve given the underwear a thorough testing on your behalf, having worn them a number of times and in a variety of circumstances (at work, working out, walking round and simply lounging round the apartment) and with a range of clothing (gym gear, work clobber and casual clothing) and all I can say is these are some seriously comfy underwear.

The soft and stretchy cotton/modal material helps shape the trunks to your body whilst keeping everything nicely supported all day long. The wide waistband is made from a soft touch material and feels great against your body. The trunks fit well, although they do suffer from the usual leg rising issue when I was working out in them, but the soft material means they don’t really become uncomfortable. Having said that, it really is a minor niggle on a great pair of underwear.

Overall I was really impressed with these trunks – they are seriously comfy, fit well and are suitable for use in all circumstances. Will I be buying more? Definitely!

Fit 4
Materials 5
Construction 4
Look 5
Daily Wear 4
Overall 4.4

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