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Calvin Klein has always had big names in its underwear. Going back to the day it was Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Sabata Jr., and more. The latest face of the Calvin’s is Shawn Mendes. This Canadian singer/songwriter stripped to his undies for this campaign.

He announced this after the Grammys and the internet went wild! What do you guys think of famous guys in underwear ads? Note that he’s just in trunks/boxer briefs, I personally think we need to see more “famous” guys in briefs.

Here is the second picture of the bunch.

Welcome to Thong of the Week, where we celebrate #ThongThursday by showcasing a new or exciting pair. We are starting off with the new Calvin Klein …yes, Calvin Klein has FINALLY released a new thong.

Back in the day when I first got into upscale underwear, the CK Body Thong was considered by many to be one of the best thongs out there. While that status has been reduced over the years, CK has finally come out with a new thong. Here’s what one of our patrons on Patreon had to say about it:
“Hey gents! The new Calvin Klein thong is awesome. Great for both casual wear and the gym. It would make a great Thong Thursday!”

Called the Focused Fit thong, it is a part of a more extensive line. The pair features a wide, branded waistband and microfiber material, and has a “typical” mid-sized thong back.

If you are interested in this pair, you can find it either on CKs site or on Amazon. Right now it only comes in black, but hey, black goes with everything, right? Like Henry Ford said about the Model T, “you can have it in any color you want, as long as it’s black.” I guess. Another downside besides the lack of color variety is the pouch. Most of the Amazon reviews, as well as our Patron, make mention that the pouch is slightly small, but it doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker.

Think we should review this thong? Then you should support us on Patreon(link-! We just updated our goals section,(You may have seen our post about it), and if we reach our first goal we will be doing a thong review one Thong Thursday a month, with stretch goals up to a thong review every week, swim thongs, video reviews, and more, so if you want to see more thong reviews on this site, check it out!

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Shot by photographer and filmmaker Tyrone Lebon, the Spring 2016 Calvin Klein global advertising campaign presents a diverse cast that ranges from global superstars, actors, rappers, artists and models to street cast talent. Those featured include Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Kendrick Lamar, FKA twigs, Fetty Wap, Klara Kristin, Joey Bada$$, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Adwoa Aboah, Saskia de Brauw, Destiny Frasqueri, Sung Jin Park and more. #mycalvins

86555957c18dd6e49f692ed937da40dcRecently, I posted an amazing Calvin Klein ad from the ‘80s on Twitter and asked the question “Should we bring back ads like this?”

Recently, I tweeted an amazing Calvin Klein ad from the 80’s and asked the question “Should we bring back ads like this?” That prompted a great conversation with one of our followers about Jim Palmer and other ads from the 70’s and 80’s. The funny thing is the follower is 25, so he wasn’t even born when many of the ads ran, but had a big appreciation for the ads.

Looking back at ads of that time, they featured sports stars of the day. The biggest and most well- known was Jim Palmer of the Baltimore Orioles. He graced the pages of People magazine wearing just a pair of Jockey Elance and a smile! Do you think you would see Derek Jeter in underwear ads these days? Nope! Very few American athletes endorse underwear. In European countries and Australia, for example, athletes like Ben Cohen and Cristiano Ronaldo are not only modeling in and endorsing underwear lines but also creating their own.

Earlier this week, I checked on my storage unit – seems like my entire life is kept there these days – and noticed a box was collapsing. While reorganizing the boxes, I discovered a plastic notebook containing my underwear ads and decided to bring them home. I’ve been thinking of framing them, rather than storing them in a binder.

These recent events made me think. Are underwear ads art?

I loved that the 70’s ads were more staged like a guy preparing for his day, getting dressed or shaving. This was the start of the sports starts dropping their trousers and showing underwear. Jockey had the best underwear ads out there. Some may think, “Jockey? Really?” But yes, they brought color and bikini cuts to the men’s underwear world, breaking away from the traditional “tighty whities”. The ads definitely showed off the difference in their underwear, but still looked like classic ads.

The 80’s brought us the Calvin Klein ad (see main image) with the model in white briefs against the white wall. This definitely looked much more like a work of art than an ad. These ads were noticed throughout the fashion industry and the public. They sparked stories in mainstream media, on shows such as Entertainment Tonight, and other outlets. CK produced other ads (one where the same model is taking off his shirt), but none received the same attention. This iconic ad prompted other underwear companies to produce more artistic ads.


Calvin Klein continued to dominate the market with their ads in the ‘90s, not only for the underwear but also for the models selected. One of the first, and most notorious, was Mark Wahlberg. Marky Mark, at the time, was all over billboards in Times Square in the popular black and white CK ads. He posted in his underwear when few would even talk about men’s underwear. (I believe these ads sparked the boxer brief craze that is still alive today.)

The next decade saw a change in men’s underwear ads. Print publications were losing circulation – mainstream magazines didn’t include many ads, but gay magazines continued. The ads were getting more expensive with less return. So what did the brands do? They turned to the internet, getting their images out to a wider audience. The brands started producing amazing pics of their underwear.

Like many others, the online pictures caught my eye and were the main reason I discovered many new brands, like Cocksox. I saw the first pictures of Earl Sandor modeling the red CX01, and knew I needed a pair right then! Gone were the days of basic product shots. We wanted to see more lifestyle pictures, rather than close-up shots.

Other brands have begun making some great ads as well…

C-IN2 produced the series “Jail”, which was very provocative and ahead of its time. It told a story rather than just show off the underwear. After a few years, they followed with another series (shot by photographer Rick Day – see the pic at the bottom) titled “Parole”. C-IN2 accompanied their photo work with videos on YouTube. The used the stories from the photos and videos to create advertising campaigns. This brand continues to produce some of those most creative ads in the world of underwear in recent years.

When 2EROS first came on the market in 2007-2008, they had amazing retro-inspired pictures that went along with the great background and glasses for their Victory line. Each collection since has added more and more amazing pictures. They use backgrounds, such as beaches, to show off their underwear and swimwear. The current collections feature model Ryan Greasley (shot by Simon Le). They don’t create a story behind their lines, like C-IN2, but consistently deliver great pictures.

Underwear Nation has turned underwear advertising into an art form. They aren’t a brand, but a retailer. Each month they profile a different pair for the Underwear of the Month Club and create a campaign around it. Their photographer, Jerrad Matthew, has done some of the hottest work in men’s underwear. The locker room campaign for the Timoteo Varsity series stands out most. In it, model Justin Leonard wears the blue and white underwear against a backdrop of a red locker room, allowing the underwear to really stand out. They create a new campaign for each month’s pair. Club subscribers get a post card featuring that month’s ad along with the underwear. (I’ve told them they need to create posters of the amazing pictures!)

There are so many other companies that I wish I could cover here, but that would be a super long post. We at Underwear News Briefs will continue to discuss and showcase the brands’ photography. We all love the amazing pictures, but we’re not knocking any brands not mentioned. Photography is one of the most expensive things about men’s underwear (I know from experience shooting our guides!), and not every brand has that amount of time and money. We want to spotlight some that are doing it right and creating images that could easily be hung on the wall as art.
I’ve profiled just a few that stick out in my head, but there are tons more out there doing amazing work! Future featured brands include: Modus Vivendi, aussieBum, Marcuse, and Teamm8.

What brands do you think make works of art with their pictures and ads?


When you think Pop Stars you would want as as an underwear model, I would be safe to assume that Justin Bieber is not top of your list. But he is the new face of Calvin Klein. It was released on his Twitter with the phrase “it begins.” I will be the first to admit the pictures don’t look half bad.

Justin joins former CK underwear models Mark Wahlberg, Antonio Sabato Jr, Marcus Schenkenberg, Fredrik Ljungberg, Djimon Hounsou and Brandon Stoughton. CK has never shied away from making controversial picks for their models. In the 197o’s he had a very young Brooke Shields say “Nothing becomes between her and her Calvins” when she was just 17. When he got Marky Mark aka Mark Wahlberg he had a rougher image than he does today. So many people were skeptical about it.


When I first saw this I thought maybe it was a hoax. Back in the 90’s Woody Harrelson had a bill board up in Times Square as a CK underwear model. It turned out it was just part of a movie called “The Cowboy Way.” But do a Google search and you will see this is legit. It’s reported in everything from the Daily Mail in the UK to US Magazine. So the Bieb’s is going to be in CK for a bit.

What do you guys think to this choice? It’s not the one I would choose for them. I think they should get an someone like Adam Levine, Chris Evans, Liam Hemsworth or  for a lesser known actor maybe Matt McGorry. But I can see why they would pic Justin. For one, he’s a controversial figure and they are going to get massive publicity (we are doing a post on it). Next, you got to admit he does look good in the pics. I was surprised he has put on some muscle, has a few more tats and yeah prob photoshopped for it.


Do you feel CK made a good choice in choosing Justin s the new face of CK? Or do you think they made a big mistake in having him pose in his undies and joining the ranks of previous models.


I consider myself a pretty active guy: I swim, run, bike, and I like play tennis and volleyball as well. I’m also an avid sports fan: I enjoy watching my favorite EPL (English Premier League) teams take the pitch on Saturday morning, or catching a clutch college football (American) game with a friend on the weekend.

So, when the issue of underwear for workouts was posed to the blog’s editorial staff, I quickly volunteered to submit a piece, because I take cues both from my own athletic experiences and what I see in media in terms of what professional athletes wear under their uniforms.

Before I delve into my recommendations, I have to say that I abhor compression shorts. I don’t get why they are necessary outside of letting the major sports labels market yet another garment that they can make a quick coin on. Another thought on the issue: why would you want to compress anything down there?

I’ve instead taken a cue of what to wear from our friends across the Atlantic, where briefs are still worn proudly under shorts across the continent. Watch any sport that involves Spaniards, Italians, Poles, Russians, or any European for that matter, and you’ll probably catch a briefline, if not a full brief sighting. What you’ll see is a low rise brief or bikini, typically in white but sometimes black (or even a color to match the team uniform).

With that reference in mind, here are my recommendations for some great white briefs to wear under your gym apparel. I’ve drawn inspiration from some of my favorite tennis and soccer players.


The unlined front and seaming at the sides make the Jockey Elance bikini different from a lot of its peers. Hopefully you’ll be luckier than Nicklas Helenius and not get pantsed during a strike at goal.


These Calvin Klein Tech Active sports briefs are motto bene. I’m sure Italian tennis stud, Fabio Fognini, would agree with my assessment since he wears these under his tennis kit too.


What a joy it is when you combine the minimal cut of this Calvin Klein bikini with the soft and sumptuous modal fabric. Joe Cole would agree that bikinis are the way to go, especially when you are in the midst of a sweaty workout.

So that’s my recommendations for what to wear under your workout gear, whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete.

1982-hintnausWhen you ask someone about the evolution of men’s designer underwear, there’s really only one name that should spring to mind as the starting point, the foundation: Calvin Klein. Back before Andrew Christian was a gleam in his parents’ eyes, before people knew how to pronounce 2(x)ist or C-IN2, when AussieBum was just the name for an Australian guy’s butt; Calvin Klein was gracing the cover of Vogue magazine and forging his own empire. In September of 1969, only a year after releasing his first clothing line, Calvin Klein was featured on the cover of the iconic fashion magazine, and even though it would be another ten years before he would venture into the men’s underwear scene, things were about to change.

In today’s world of men’s designer underwear, it’s hard to tell where things got started. There seems to be a new style every week, straps are added and subtracted at will, colors and prints come and go with seasons; but you can trace everything we have to choose from now back to the revolution that happened in the 80s and 90s, and Calvin Klein was at the forefront of that revolution. Up until that point men’s underwear was simply an item of necessity, but the emergence of designer underwear made it sexy. Full-cut briefs gave way to sleeker, more European-inspired styles with high cut legs and less coverage. Boxer briefs became wardrobe staples. Colors and prints became huge selling points. Men’s underwear was no longer something to be kept hidden, and the new styles, prints, and colors were almost daring men to show them off.

Marketing also played a huge role in the emergence of men’s designer underwear, and perhaps the most recognizable marketing campaign was Calvin Klein’s partnership with rapper/model/actor Mark Wahlberg (then, Marky Mark). Many other stars have followed, but Mark Wahlberg’s ads seem to be the ones that have stuck with everyone the most. Calvin Klein had made men’s underwear sexy and appealing, but Mark Wahlberg made it cool. Calvin Klein is no stranger to scandalous, provocative, scantily clad advertisements, and has actually gotten into some trouble over some in the past, but that kind of “in your face” marketing got everyone’s attention. If underwear wasn’t something men were talking about, Mark Wahlberg’s partnership with Calvin Klein got them talking. All of a sudden, men’s underwear was here to stay, and Calvin Klein brought it to us.

In the years that followed, other brands popped up to leave their mark on the underwear industry, but Calvin Klein has always remained a staple. Calvin Klein seems to have always operated under the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” rule. While other brands are certainly more innovative, more daring, the classic simplicity of Calvin Klein underwear has always persisted, and still holds true today. Calvin Klein underwear has grown from the basic black and white that it started as to include multiple different lines, colors, fabrics, and prints, but their styles have always stayed remarkably consistent. The Steel line has been one of my favorites and has included a great selection of colors over the years; and their Body line should be a staple in any man’s underwear drawer. You’re pretty hard pressed to find a Calvin Klein jockstrap or thong these days, but they existed for a while, and they’re still out there if you know where to find them.

In September of 1969, when Calvin Klein appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine, his brand was a fledgling company, barely past infancy. No one could have known 45 years ago that his company would have made the impact on the underwear scene as it has today. It wasn’t always an easy ride for the Calvin Klein brand, facing economic troubles, failed product lines, and ever-growing market competition; but I think every other designer underwear company out there today owes a great debt of gratitude towards Calvin Klein for not only designing sexy underwear, but for bringing it to everyone’s attention. Would men’s underwear have evolved without Calvin Klein? Probably. But at the same time, we might not be where we are today. I’m pretty pleased with how far underwear has come, and I’m certain that I’ll enjoy the ride as men’s underwear continues to evolve.


I’m starting the mind numbing process of job hunting. I wish UNB was my full time gig! But I must do like most and subsidize my underwear love with a real job! UNB is an amazingly fun distraction from the job hunt process. 

If you are a long time reader of the blog you know I had a job interview when the blog started, I put on my tie, dress shirt, pants and looked good then looked down to notice a huge bulge. Now, in many circumstances this would not be an issue and in some instances it would be welcome! However, in a “professional environment” a pronounced bulge is not the image you want. The pair I was wearing was a CX01 in Magenta for a review. I promptly changed the undies to something that was less bulgerific. Which I hated to do because Cocksox really makes me feel great when I wear them.
Underwear should give you an unseen confidence when you wear it. Wearing something super sexy and fun under a suit should be the norm. I don’t think you should ever wear anything you don’t feel great in. Underwear adds the to wardrobe even if no one sees it. One thing I love to do is match my tie and undies. Now I don’t go out of my way to do it but having a few hundred pairs i usually have something that will do the trick.
Flash forward to the present. I am looking for underwear that gives me confidence when you walk in a room but not overly show off everything I have at the first meeting. The pairs that are going in my interview underwear drawer are from N2N Bodywear, Joe Snyder, CK and 2(X)ist
N2N Bodywear Signature Trunk
N2N Signature Line – This is the line that has a great pouch but not overly prominent. It feels great and is one of the few that I enjoy in a trunk. The thing I love about this pair is the fit. The way they designed this fits like a glove and keeps everything in place. I usually reserve this pair for a 2nd interview. Since the first round went great but want something to keep up the energy.
Joe Snyder Pride Frame – Briefs are my super favorite. The reason I wear this one is the piping around the crotch. It does just what it says and frames your pride. The bright colors from Joe Snyder make this a favorite. No one knows I’m wearing a purple brief or a pink one! When I go on an interview and need to feel a bit more confident this is the go to pair. The fit and feel and knowing I’m in a pink brief takes my mind off the stress
Calvin Klein Micro Modal Bikini – This pair is all about comfort. The bikinis CK has done over the years have been a staple in my underwear drawer. My favorite pair just got a hole in them and need to be replaced. I will be doing that this week. The fabric feels super soft and they rotate colors but usually can find a black pair. Its got support that isn’t as the Joe Snyder but the modal more than makes up for that. I wear this on an interview I am feeling good about going into, and know I”m more than qualified. (picture from International Jock)
prld-1.xlg2(X)ist Sliq Mesh – This is one of those pairs I”m surprised that I like. I am not a big fan of 100% my lon pairs. Mainly because they have no stretch or give. I like undies that conform to me and my body. The part i love the best is the way this feels against my skin. The first time I put them on I was like OMG these feel amazing. This pair won’t show off a huge bulge but the feeling of the fabric just does something to me. The red pair I have is perfect for interviews. It feels great with out being too distracting and gives a good amount of support. (Picture from International Jock)
You maybe asking why not a jock or thong. To me is about confidence and not being distracted by the undies. As much as undies can give you something extra, wearing something you don’t normally wear can be the opposite. It can make you loose your train of thought and appear like you are not the best fit for the job. So I stick with tried and true pairs.
What do you guys wear on interviews? I know my pairs aren’t everyones and some of you prefer jocks and thongs. Let me know what you wear and why!

mensunderwearstore-whats-hot-aprilHere’s what’s hot in the US from Each month we team up with Mensunderwearstore to bring you some underwear you know and some new pairs you may not! Brands this month include CK, 2(X)ist, for those you know and Bread & Boxers for one you don’t!

Private Structure YellowPrivate Structure Contour Briefs
Private Structure’s Contour Briefs bring basic comfort together with a sexy, low-rise shape. The focus here is color. If you’re a guy who’s used to neutral basics and want to amp up your style game, these briefs come in 10 colors, including 6 bright shades that are perfect (and just in time) for spring. The briefs are made of a cozy stretch cotton and feature a contour pouch for ultimate shape and support.

Calvin Klein Athletic TrunkCalvin Klein Athletic Trunks
Quick-drying, supportive underwear for the gym make for a great workout. The Calvin Klein Athletic Trunks provide the best moisture-absorbing technology and support level. These trunks stretch to the body, and the nylon fabric won’t bunch or hold in sweat. Whether you’re pushing your body during an intense workout or going on a light jog, you’ll have the perfect level of comfort in these trunks. Plus, they come in seven color variations from basic black to bold red.

CK Dual Tone Hip Brief FrontCalvin Klein Dual Tone Hip Briefs
Calvin Klein’s Dual Tone collection gives a cool shift to the brand’s classic styles. The underwear are woven in a way
that when they stretch around the body, they reveal an extra layer of color that complements the top layer. Like all other CK styles, the hip briefs feature a supportive pouch, a logo waistband, and a figure-flattering fit that’s unmistakably classic.

Bread Boxers Briefs Front
Bread & Boxers Briefs
If you’re more of a basic-basics guy, Bread & Boxers, the trending lifestyle brand, produces some of the best basics on the market. B&B’s underwear are made of soft stretch cotton and come in the most comfortable basic fits. These briefs are no-brainers; Sure, they’re not flashy and come in three neutral colors, but these are the kind of comfortable, well-fitting undies you don’t have to think about when you’re getting ready in the mornings. Call them “no-stress underwear.” We call them the new basic must-haves.

TX Turbo collage 22(x)IST Turbo Collection
2(x)IST’s Turbo collection is easily our hottest pick of the month. These microfiber underwear and tank tops come in a stretchy, smooth microfiber and 5 color combinations in an edgy design. All of the styles (the briefs,
trunks and jock straps) hug the body for an extra sexy look and comfortable support. The best part: our entire selection is 25% off Snag a pair while you still can. These undies are going fast.

PUMP Touchdown Trunk
PUMP Touchdown Trunks
Sporty underwear is right on-trend for spring, and no other brand does this style better than PUMP! These trunks  are made of mesh fabric that’s slightly see-through, giving it a hint of sexiness. With a  bold logo waistband and bold striped leg openings to give them a rugby vibe, these trunks provide style, contouring and a comfortable fit whether you’re wearing these during a hot and heavy workout or sporting them casually.

Find these and more at

We all love great undies if reading this blog, that’s a given! But not all of us have an amazing budget to buy underwear. I know you think the life of an underwear blogger is all underwear all the time, but it’s not. Just like you guys, we look for great deals for underwear too. I freely admit I don’t like paying full price.

One way I have found to save money is to buy underwear in three packs. I”m not saying the ones you used to wear and buy at Wal-Mart. I will NEVER go back to those! If I did you guys would have ever right to stop reading the blog. Because I will have gone insane and would loose all credibility.

Three packs are what most companies call basics. Meaning they won’t be the uber stylish newest undies out by the company. They will be their take on the classic brief. Which, I think every guy should own a pair of classic white undies. Its a must have pair in my opinion.

Here are some great suggestions for those wanting good undies at a better price.

2(X)ist Men’s Essential Collection – This is the 2(X)ist classic brief! Which is available in white with a functional fly. I used to LOVE the classic brief from 2(X)st, they were the only classic brief I ever owned. 2(X)ist makes some of the best undies lately. Available for $32 from 2(X)ist

554003-frontPapi Cotton Low Rise Brief – These briefs from Papi aren’t traditional, meaning they don’t have a fly. But they are super comfy. I have owned quite a few of these over the years. Previous collections were white with different color writing on the waistband, now they are available in different colors/waistbands. They now have 8 different color combos. They are really great quality at an amazing price. Perfect for everyday wear.  Available for $24 from Papi Underwear

62011183_010_mainCalvin Klein Low Rise Brief – CK is prob one the company you think of when you think of classic underwear. They have been around since the 80’s. Their iconic ad back then featured a guy in white briefs against a white stone. It, in my opinion, sparked the men’s underwear market. They now have the briefs in three packs in black, white, grey, and two blues. Available for $27.50 from CK Underwear

These are some suggestions for those wanting classic undies. We will be bringing you more suggestions soon for all kinds of undies!


The votes are in and the winner of our June Underwear of the Month is… The Calvin Klein CK One Micro Hip Brief. Voting went back and forth and it was a close race. I think what won this pair the title of underwear of the month is it’s a great stripe pattern. It’s not a pair you would expect to see from Calvin Klein.

Some of the comments we received were:

  • Super soft! Super comfortable! Forget it’s there! Perfect fit! – Steve
  • You can never go wrong with Calvin Klein

These comments carried over to Facebook when we posted them on there. It should have been a clue that the pair would do well when we got more likes then some of the other pairs. If you want a great pair that looks amazing then go to International Jock and pick up our Underwear of the Month for $22

What Makes Great Date night pair of Underwear? One that will be remembered for future dates? We have a few suggestions on that. But the underwear depends on which date it is (first, thrid, or fifth) and the connection you have to the other person on the date with you.

Over the course of the blog fewer things have brought controversy like bringing up date night underwear. That is because to each guy “Date night underwear” means something different. Underwear is personal and date night underwear is even more so!

We decided to break down a few categories of date night underwear and have you guys tell us which pair you wear and why?


Classic Underwear – We don’t mean the tighy whities that come in a six pack. Rather a brief/boxer brief that is no frills. It’s styling is simple but very comfortable.  One pair that would be good is the 2(X)ist Essential No-Show Brief or Trunk. Another pair is the Calvin Klein Bold Cotton Boxer simple with an off setting waistband.

980580-985-f PARIS

Colorful/Patterned – Colors are an expression of our personalities. On a date night there is a greater chance the underwear will be seen. I know in the past I have worn really fun/bright underwear when there is a chance things get busy. A great pair of colorful underwear is JOR Paris Brief. If you’re a boxer brief fan then you should look into the Papi Eye Candy Brazilian trunk.

copy_of_p1150_pure_jockbrief_f_super_white_1 c-in2_3326_white_f_grip_mens_underwear_jock_strap_fitness

Jockstraps/Jockbrief – Many of our readers wear jocks every day. They are no longer just for the locker room. Over the last few years companies have been putting their own spin on the jock. The C-IN2 Grip jock is the perfect example of a company taking the jock to the next level. If you’re not up to wearing a jock but want the coverage of a jock, the orignator of the  jock brief Baskit has the Pure Jockbrief.

0001-11011_black_l 110204-01-far-front

Erotic/Mesh – If you’re past the first date or out with your significant other maybe you want to show a bit more of your wild side. This could be either Mesh or something considered wild. If you want to show off everything with mesh then we suggest the Gregg Homme NoDoubt Thong Maximizer, It shows and enhances. If you don’t want to share it all but want to wear something you won’t find in your local department store, then we suggest Modus Vivendi 11011 Leather Look Brief with Zipper.

These are some examples of different types of underwear you can wear on a date night. You can go from mild to wild depending on the date! Let us know what pair you like to wear on your date.


It’s time to vote for Underwear o the Month. Each month we have our four Underwear of the Week compete to see who will be our underwear of the Month. This months choices are:

  • 2(X)ist Sail Contour Brief
  • Gregg Homme Target Trunks
  • Pistol Pete Power Mesh Briefs
  • Calvin Klein CK One Micro Hip Brief

Vote below each day for your favorite pair. The winner will be announced Saturday!

Calvin Klein CK One Micro Hip Brief Golden Eye

The underwear of the week this week is the Calvin Klein CK One Micro Hip Brief Golden Eye. There are so many choices each week for Underwear of the Week. This week was no different. As soon as I saw this on the International Jock site I knew we had  narrowed it down to CK!

There are several reasons why we chose this pair as the Underwear of the week:

  • It’s a hip brief which makes it perfect for an active guy
  • The stylish pattern that is fun and not expected for a sports pair of underwear
  • Fun orange/red waistband
  • Fast drying material made out of 91% nylon, 9% elastane
  • Retails for $22.00 at International Jock.

This is the last pair for May! Nex week after Memorial day we will have voting for our Underwear of the Month. This is your chance to vote on which is the four pairs should be given then honor! Find the Calvin Klein CK One Micro Hip Brief Golden Eye at International Jock.



It should be heralded as a triumph for the men’s Underwear Industry. A major underwear company ran a men’s underwear ad. Last year David Beckham ran one for his H&M line and now Calvin Klein this year.  Men’s Underwear is coming into their own and going mainstream. Its no secret underwear is not for gay guys. This blog is the perfect example of what’s happening in the US. This past year we have gained more straight readers and have some straight staffers (the one with a great opinion on undies is Brandon). Everyone is finding out, men need to pay attention to their underwear.

You think that this would be a piece praising Calvin Klein for taking a risk in one of the most watched events of the year.  However, I have a bone to pick with the “main stream” media reporting on the ads. The one I have the most problem with is the USA Today Ad Meter. Every year they rate the ads and post scores. Many companies want one of the coveted top 10 spots. They spend millions to reach that goal. Here’s my gripe, USA Today has the ad in the bottom 5 ads.  Granted, I wasn’t expecting it to be in the top 10, but there were many worse ads in the bunch.

I feel because it was a men’s underwear ad . The main Part of this is the puritanical view of the US and men’s underwear. It’s not supposed to be talked about. However we can have Victoria Secrets ads  and even scantily clad women but you can’t show a man. Calvin Klein made an ad that was in line with their brand. If you remember last year’s David Beckham ad, you never saw much below the waistband. It was like they were afraid to show his package. This ad showed the guy running and in the underwear. So that we have gained some ground.

I am curious to what you guys think of the ad. Did you like it? What Brand do you think should be the next to run a Super Bowl Commercial? One that comes to mind is what would Andrew Christian do for a Super Bowl Commercial?

Calvin Klein announced it will debut the new Calvin Klein Concept collection with a commercial during this Sunday’s Super Bowl featuring model Matthew Terry. is one of the first retailers in the country to carry the new collection!

The sleek new collection features styles in both breathable microfiber and cotton stretch fabric in a smooth, seamless design to enhance mobility and comfort.  The line includes briefs, trunks and boxer briefs with an unique striped waistband, which enhances each pair’s masculinity and style.


When it comes to underwear, most well-endowed men feel slighted and disadvantaged by the choices they think they must settle on, and for the most part this is the product of the same concept that the majority of men, regardless of their penis size: They just don’t know enough about the options available to them in 2013.

I was like most of these well endowed men, wearing boxers and boxer briefs that were one to two sizes too big in the waist so my bulge wouldn’t cause the legs to fit too tightly (I am not going to even mention basic briefs and our problems with those). But once I discovered the innovation of a trunk with a contoured pouch, my quest for finding underwear that fit me and my endowment comfortably began to take shape.

There are few articles out there relating to us well-endowed portion of the population, and the most prominent one currently available offers good advice, but I don’t think it goes far enough. So I have decided to come up with the best advice I can think of, based on my three-plus years of searching for the kind of underwear meant for guys like us, using pictures from my own collection as well as brand suggestions to help you get into the right pairs.

Tip #1 – It’s The Pouch, Stupid…

If you’re well endowed, the largest problem you experience with run-of-the-mill brands is they aren’t designed to put your equipment anywhere. Just as a handgun needs a holster to be carried safely, we “showers” need a place to carry our dangerous weapon. This means, the only underwear you should be buying feature a pouch that is visible to the naked eye before you put your hands on them.

Sure, some “experts” would suggest making sure the size is right on any pair of underwear with a contoured pouch, but I view this as advice that discounts your ability to think. Just know this, if you are hung, you better be damn sure the underwear you’re looking at has a pouch before you look at whether or not they have your size.

Your Best Options and My Favorite Pouch

It’s 2013, and just about every designer offers at least a few designs that feature a contoured pouch but not all of them are great for men with larger packages, so if all else fails, consider the following designs from prominent labels in men’s underwear which I myself routinely employ:

2(x)ist TOUCH Ultra Contour Briefs or Trunks (Or any other “Ultra Contour” piece they offer), on some older designs are still available that feature even better pouches.

Andrew Christian Almost Naked, NanoFit, Color Vibe, Air Sculpt, Cool Flex, & Trophy Boy

C-IN2 Profile Briefs, Sport Briefs, Street Jocks or the Personal Fit Factor Shower Brief

Calvin Klein Steel Collection, Body Collection, X Collections

John Sievers All Collections

N2N Bodywear Peformance X, Air, & Freedom Collections

Obviously For Men All Collections

My underwear collection is over 150 pairs deep, and while I have my favorite pouch, I like many more than just one. My favorite pouch is the Andrew Christian “Anatomically Correct Pouch” which is featured most prominently in the label’s “Almost Naked” line. The Anatomically Correct Pouch is formed by two seams that will allow all of your endowment to fall into place  and hang naturally. To me, this is the best pouch for us well-hung guys, but obviously it is far from your only option.

Tip #2 – Expect but Accept “Sticker Shock”

All of the underwear best suited to the needs of men who are packing heat has one thing in common, they aren’t cheap. To create the best pouch for well-hung gentlemen, like the Anatomically Correct Pouch from Andrew Christian or brands that only feature this sort of pouch (John Sievers, Obviously For Men) you need human innovation as well as fabrics that are meant to stretch comfortably without stretching out, and those things are expensive.

You can expect to pay similar prices to the Calvin Kleins and Armanis of the world, not because of name brand recognition, but because of the use of Rayon and Modal fabrics. Briefs, Boxer Briefs and Trunks will run you anywhere from 16-30 depending on design and brand. More important than your expectation of seeing those prices is your acceptance that this is what you must pay to cloth your larger than average package on a daily basis.

But before we move on to the next big tip, let me give you two inside tips to get the best prices and value from your new, properly fitting undies:

1. Wait for sales. The best place to shop for men’s underwear is online. You can buy Calvin Klein Underwear at 25% off nearly year round online, and the biggest underwear websites (Freshpair, MensUnderwearStore) have routine sales on all their brands and clearance sales year-round.

2. Wash Separately, In Cold Water, and DO NOT DRY*.Unless you’re 12 and still can’t wipe properly, there should be no reason to wash your designer underwear in hot water. *Do not dry on anything higher than “medium” heat if you must dry at all. If you’ve got a normal 8-12 pair arsenal of Rayon/Modal underwear with the pouch made for men like us, know this: That fabric dries quickly when the underwear is laid out neatly, because the fabric is thin, constant wash-dry cycles shorten the lifespan of the fabric and the seams that attach it to the waistband. If you do this right, those $24 Obviously trunks will last you twice as long as the ill-fitting Hanes you wear now and thus you’ll have at worst spent about the same amount of money.

Tip #3 – Educate Yourself about Design, then Open Your Mind (Hint: I’ll help w/both)

Your education has been started with Tip #1. So, by now you unequivocally know that you shouldn’t be wearing any underwear that does not come specially designed in one of several ways to hold and support your large equipment comfortably. And of course the pouch is and always will remain the most important feature of any pair of underwear for men who are well-endowed. But a contoured or specially made pouch isn’t the only design element in men’s underwear that can be beneficial to those of us who require that extra room. It layman’s terms, not all pouches, are made with us in mind, are created equal. To get the best pouch for your boys, it may require you to open your mind about what underwear designs you need to try, I had to and did.

With very few exceptions (certain brands), if you’re well-endowed and searching for underwear that will give your boys the most room and do so in the most comfortable fashion, you need to be buying briefs, and once you’ve totally opened your mind, the skimpier they are, the more comfortable your package will be. Instead of wasting lines convincing you why you’ll appreciate the switch, I’d rather explain why briefs (and even skimpier options) are best for those of us well hung individuals.

Think about the appearance of the letter “U” both in lower and upper case, then think about what the pouch portion of a brief looks like. The larger the “u” or “U” shapes get, the larger the pouch becomes, and for well endowed men, we are best served by the biggest U possible. In underwear design this is achieved almost solely by the “cut” of the brief, chiefly the distance between the top of the leg opening and the top of the waistband. The larger the distance, the smaller the ‘u’ shape of the pouch, conversely, the smaller the distance, the larger the U. Here are two examples of this design concept from the same brand, 2xist: Example 1, Example 2. Now I could go on and on about this concept and how important it is for well-endowed men to remember when underwear shopping, but I won’t, I think you get it. I will only say that if you have accepted the concept, you may have your mind opened to trying jockstraps as something you can wear for a day’s length, and gasp, maybe even trying a thong! But because design concepts change a bit for jocks and thongs, I’ll devote a smaller article to those later.

Tip #4 – Lastly, Embrace Your “Gift” and Start Having a Sense of Humor about it.

You’ve made it! Congrats! So now that you know that A.) You don’t have to suffer through the rest of your life wearing underwear made for the 98%, and B.) you know enough to successfully explore your options, it’s time to embrace your “gift” and enjoy your new underwear. I am over three years removed from these discoveries, and throughout that time, I’ve learned to have a sense of humor about “my gift” if for no other reason than my underwear forced it upon me.

Most of the underwear that is either made for men with large packages or at least accommodates them, are going to end up showing your goods off. I remember when I got my first pair of Andrew Christian briefs in the mail and tried them on, and all I could do was laugh at my reflection in the mirror. And while I will contend to the death that at least I remain humble about the size of my package, as do most of us in the “well-endowed crowd” (pardon the silly rhyme), far too often, such ‘required humility’ is what is holding us back from wearing the underwear that is best suited to our needs.

So use this guide, and go get yourself some better fitting underwear. Your body will thank you!

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Gentlemen (and Ladies),

You are enlightened enough to be visiting the best men’s underwear blog out there, so you obviously know plenty about men’s underwear, and if you don’t you are certainly in the right place to learn more. But chances are your underwear drawers look a little “uniform.” You have discovered the brands, styles and cuts you like to wear, and for the most part, you stick with them. Yet, there is probably one style your underwear is lacking, or just doesn’t have.

That’s right, I am talking about thongs. Thongs made for men, “The Man Thong.” Certainly they, nor the concept of you (or your man) wearing one is foreign to you; you’re reading this on a website that routinely reviews them. It is also likely that you frequent your favorite underwear retailing websites often, so you know that thongs (and g-strings) make up a sizeable portion of the men’s underwear real-estate on these websites. Your problem though, is that you are likely too afraid to buy one, for fear you would actually wear it, and potentially open yourself up to judgment. This is understandable, because I went through the exact same thing about a year ago.

Last December, I had an underwear collection that was growing rapidly, and I had every style except one, (you guessed it). Like you, I had visited websites like Freshpair and MensUnderwearStore on an almost daily basis, just browsing aimlessly. Like always, I noticed that both websites sold about 100 different thongs for men. 100! Knowing what I know about markets (which isn’t much past “101” levels) I knew that supply doesn’t drive demand as much as it seeks to meet demand. More surprising was the fact that almost every brand (including all the big ones) made their version of the man thong. So when Calvin Klein had their pre-holiday sale, I snapped up the “Body Thong” for 25% off ($13).

I had to wait for it in the mail, and I was a little bit nervous once I received it and put it on. But once I got it on, and situated, all of that anxiety that was driven by societal stigmas, and the general embarrassment for wearing something that has been synonymous with women’s underwear for years seemed to disappear. After wearing it to work for a day, I was floored by just how much I loved it. It offered unparalleled support, but without the natural compression that so many of the briefs I had (and still love) tend to use to “support.”

I am convinced that my love of the CK thong completely shattered my “caring” about all the various hilarity and judgment that surrounds male thongs. My mind had been opened by the fact that the thong has always been designed with men in mind. There is not better underwear design out there, to support the male anatomy. Sure, the minimal coverage leaves way to sex-appeal and thus, societal discomfort over it, but it’s inherently a part of what makes the thong so outstanding for male wear.

I began my thong collection by “staying safe” (as safe as you can be in the realm of male thongs, I guess) by purchasing very modest cuts, and staying with basic designs and fabrics. Eventually I took a bigger leap by getting into my favorite designer for thongs-Gregg Homme. While Gregg Homme makes all sorts of erotic underwear for men, I have stayed within the designer’s more modest collections, but Gregg Homme’s thongs did open my mind further, with the even more risqué male g-string.

Now obviously, I don’t expect most men who try thongs to get into them as much as I did, which led me to try the g-string in the first place, but I’d be lying if I didn’t think the male g-string mostly belongs on male strippers. The problem is, I love them, too. In fact, I have come to think of the male g-string as preferable to the thong. The reason is simple, it accomplishes the same thing a thong does, but with less material, meaning you get fantastic support while literally feeling like you aren’t wearing underwear at all. I could probably wear the Gregg Homme Boytoy G-String every day, without complaint if I was forced to wear only one design-that’s how much I love it.

Still, I have to concede that two years ago, I’d ever wear a thong made for men, let alone be writing this very article about how much I love them. I also don’t want you to come away from this article thinking that “getting here” was somehow easy. I am straight as the sky is blue, my wife is not the “adventurous type” exactly, and I had to deal with her hang ups about my thongs, (she still thinks it is weird that I like them). Beyond that, I would be petrified if any of my close friends knew that I not only wore them, but really enjoyed wearing them. Both reasons are why I titled this article the way I did.

When it comes to the male thong (and g-strings) I don’t necessarily like the fact that I love them. It’s the fact that I’ve discovered how great they fit and support me that has trumped all of the notions and negative connotations even I had about the man thong for so long. When you boil it down, what you choose to wear under your shorts or pants is only your business, and I think that was the thought that made me finally get up enough courage to try that first thong last December.

So despite all of the societal hang-ups, the fact that indeed, this is a thong that you will be wearing, I’d encourage you to get one for yourself (or your man) because I have the opinion that underwear should not be judged until you’ve tried it on. If you are like I was, and curious about them almost every time you got on one of the underwear store’s websites, you really have nothing to lose and at least something, to gain by getting your first thong. If you try it and don’t like it, you’re out the $15-20, but if you end up having the same feelings I got when I tried them for the first time, I bet you’ll start to lose those naturally occurring inhibitions when it comes to all men’s underwear.

I’m of the opinion that broadening your horizons in all facets of life is essential to living life to the fullest. You’re into underwear enough that you’re reading this article-I think it’s time to do you (or your man) a favor and broaden your horizons. Who knows, you may end up like me, hating the fact that you love them so much you just have to have more…


Calvin Klein put out a Limited Edition line just in time for Halloween which just about coincided with one of its big sales of the year. While there are several varying designs, the Limited Edition X-Ray Cotton Trunk in black was my favorite design and I was lucky enough to be able to review them.

I have gotten away from buying trunks as of late, but I am always happy to try new ones out from time to time. Luckily for me, these arrived just in time for me to wear them last Friday on a very cold day in the Midwest. If you follow my Tumblr then you knew this already, but if you don’t you can still follow me. Generally I was pleased with the trunks. They are made of 95% cotton which made them warm and comfortable for the whole day.

Unlike some of the other CK Trunks I own, the legs on these were a bit longer, not long enough to be a boxer brief, but not as short as most trunks. These trunks also have a seam running from the outside of the pouch on both sides that travels down the front part of the inner thigh, which feels weird at first but the functionality is useful. I know nothing about clothing construction, but it seems as though the seam is to prevent “ride up” but it doesn’t entirely do its job. Still, these stayed in place on my legs for the most part, which is all you can ask from a longer pair of trunks like these.

You can’t really go wrong with CK trunks, I fit well into a Large (36-38) and as I’ve said they were really comfortable over a long wear. Style-wise, the over all shape or “cut” of the trunks aren’t going to turn any heads, but the “X-Ray” Skull screen print on the left leg which actually glows in the dark  is kind of “fun” and adds some flare to an otherwise boring pair. The contrast waistband is a burgundy color, which is also an interesting touch.

Overall, the only thing that makes this trunk stand out from any other every day trunk from Calvin Klein is the Skull print. That’s obviously not a bad thing, CK makes great underwear and this is not an exception, but I think in the end, a trunk is a trunk. While my preference lies in briefs, I am glad I have this trunk to throw into the mix every once in a while.


  • Good Fit
  • Comfortable
  • Fun-Geeky Style


  • None

Fit – 5

Materials – 5

Construction – 4.5

Look – 4.5

Daily Wear 4

TOTAL: 4.5

Find these at retailers around the country and net.

The Presidential Election is coming up but voting for Underwear of the Month you get more then one vote! This month we have a 4 pairs to choose from. In case you forgot here are the pairs that were chosen this month:

  • Diesel Andre Brief
  • N2N Bodywear L.A Haze
  • Candyman Two Shades Jockstrap
  • Calvin Klein Micro Modal Essentials Boxer Brief

Which do you think should be the Underwear of the Month? Vote and if you let us know why the pair you voted for should be underwear of the month and you just maybe quoted in the post!


It’s the last Underwear of the Week! That mean’s its Boxer Brief week. For this week, we decided to do something classic, but with a twist. This pair looks like your everyday ordinary boxer brief, but it’s made out of Modal. Modal is a great fabric that has great qualities when made into underwear. The first is it keeps moisture away from the body. The next is it feels super soft. No one likes rough underwear. It may looks simple but it is perfect for anytime of athletic activity you may do.

Calvin Klein is one of the very first designer underwear companies. They haven’t slowed down since they first hit the scene in the 80’s. They keep making great pairs like this boxer brief. Some of the reasons its our underwear of the month:

  • Made out soft micro modal
  • Has a soft microfiber logo waistband
  • Designed contrast color piping
  • Constructed with a contoured pouch
  • Available in Black, Blue and Red
  • 90% modal 10% lycra

You can find this at underwear retailers online and in retail stores across the country. It is listed on the Calvin Klein Website site for $26.