If you’ve been checking out Jockstrap Central over the last month you’ve probably noticed the drop dead gorgeous Santos wearing the Everywear tank tops and a lot of the McKillop jockstraps. Well finally, we’re releasing his gallery. This gallery consists of 31 extra large and many previously unreleased photos from our recent studio session with him. And as an extra bonus, we’ve increased the size of the photos so you can see all the delicious details – these photos are HUGE!

Santos is relatively new to Toronto, coming from the UK with a mixed background including Portuguese. He’s done quite a bit of modeling both in Europe and now in Canada, and he supplements his income as a personal trainer (hence the zero body fat and rock hard abs.)

Besides the increased size of the photos, we also have another surprise. Due to popular demand, we’re offering Santos’ photoset as a downloadable zip file. So the option is yours: either download the zip file to your hard drive or head over to our website to view the slightly smaller but convenient-to-view online gallery.

See more pictures below the break


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