I know it’s been quite some time since the first photos of Corey started appearing on Jockstrap Central and I know we’ve had loads of requests for his high resolution extended gallery, but we simply couldn’t release it until now as so much of what he wore at the shoot hadn’t actually been launched on the website.

As for Corey, he’s 22 with Polish roots and was born and raised in a small northern Ontario (that’s Canada) community, growing up with a wild side for fun and adventure. Dirt biking, mountain climbing, snowmobiling, drag racing, and surfing are all activities that he avidly enjoys and allow him to live life dangerously. Modeling for Jockstrap Central was probably more about adventure than danger but whatever the motivation, we’re just glad he found his way to us.

Although he works for the 3rd largest media firm in Canada in marketing and competitive analysis and holds a university degree in marketing as well as a post-graduate degree in advertising, he’s completely in love with modeling and is actively seeking as much work as he possibly can.

His philosophy is you can never get enough camera time and you never know who knows who in this industry. Every contact you make can and will help you in this industry, remaining professional and bringing your very best every time you interact with someone in this industry will take you places.

His motivation to model comes from his girlfriend and always wanting to make her proud of him. He wants to be able to provide the both of them the life they’ve always wanted to live. To add to that, being able to do something that the normal every day person can’t do is very inspiring.

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