It’s been a long while since I reviewed my last pair of Male Power underwear.  Unfortunately, this time is not going to be any better.  I understand making men’s underwear more sexy and intriguing, but there really is a line where things aren’t as intended.  I’ve never been a fan of mesh clothing.  I do own a pair some would consider mesh, but the holes are farther apart and the brief is not totally see through.  The air flow is as unhindered as this mesh material without the less attractive look and uncomfortable feel.

The construction of this pair is quite uncomfortable to me.  The waistband, the leg openings, and the piping around the pouch have this leather-like shiny material that gives very little room for stretching.  It feels like there is a bit of elastic underneath the material.  The waistband, about ¾ inches (2 cm), cuts into the skin the longer they are worn, along with the leg openings, leading me to the fact that these wouldn’t be good for all day wear.

It saddens me that this pair of underwear did not work for me.  Being an occasional kilt wearer, I like the feel of the breeze wafting around the manly parts and this would have been perfect.  If worn with some type of support underneath, mesh-type underwear is preferable, whether it is a jock, thong, briefs, or this square cut design.  I wore my kilt not long ago at a local Renaissance festival and seriously thought about wearing them to give them another chance.  I couldn’t bring myself to wear them when remembering back to the first time I tried to wear them.  I couldn’t wear them for eight hours without pulling them off and stuffing them into my pocket.

Fit 3
Material 4
Construction 2
Look 4
Daily Wear 2
Overall 3

By all means, if you like mesh underwear, try this pair for yourself.  This pair may work for you and turn out to be a favorite.  Even if this pair was not mesh, the construction doesn’t work for me.  You can purchase a pair from this line and others made by Male Power from their website at

This pair was furnished by Male Power for review.


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