Gregg Homme is not only known for their superb craftsmanship and sexually charged underwear designs but also for thinking outside the box and the Sauna Super Jock is no exception as it’s a universe away from the comfort of that little box.

The front is like a slinky brief while the back is part jockstrap with an additional center strap running between your ass cheeks. If that alone wasn’t enough, try adding a super-soft contour pouch with a built in elastic sling support hanging from the waistband inside the pouch to provide that extra lift for the ultimate bulge. The pouch itself isn’t huge but has lots of stretch to accommodate guys of all sizes and accommodate them comfortably. Finally, mesh triangular panels running between the leg straps and waistband are a final aesthetic touch making this one to add to your collection.

Of course if all these words haven’t got you sold then simply head over to Jockstrap Central and see them on their model Santos – trust me, it’ll be one drool-worthy trip you won’t be disappointed in taking.”


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