We all have one; That favorite pair of undies, that pair we always keep coming back to. Let’s face it, these favorite pairs get worn a lot and get worn out. When is it time to say “Sayonara” and finally let go? Though it may pain you to do so, there are some tell tale signs that your favorite pair of underwear needs to be sent packing:

  • Rips and Holes: Sure it can look stylish and sexy for jeans, but if you can see bits you don’t need or intend to show, its time to let go.
  • Elastic Waistband Death : Fairly straightforward, if they can’t stay up on their own then you probably shouldn’t be wearing them. Wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen.
  • Stains: Gross. Enough said.
  • Overwashed Fabric: Is paper tissue stronger than your undies? Toss em!
  • Shame : Would you want to be caught dead in them?

So now that you’re able to move on, what are your options? Here are a few things you can try.

  • If you have the room, just keep them as a memento! Honestly, I have a couple pairs from my past that just sit on the bottom of my drawer. I know they are there but I never wear them. Call me crazy!
  • See if your favorite style is still available – Check the designer web page to see if the style can be still ordered. If not check ebay or a similar online auction site. Some stores like TJMaxx and Marshall’s often carry styles that are no longer available in regular retail stores.
  • This might seem a bit strange but use the fabric for a craft project. Just from a simple internet search, I was able to find instructions on how to turn old (clean) undies into a book cover or even a wallet!
  • My favorite option – Use it as an excuse to find a new pair. Out with the old and in with the new! Find a new favorite, and learn from your last favorite pair….stock up!

So UNB readers, do you have any other ideas for old undies or a story about a pair you can’t part with? Comment away!

Hey UNB readers! I’m Kevin and am happy to be helping Tim out and the UNB gang putting in my 2 cents about one of my favorite things…underwear! Finally I get a chance to put a good use to my obsession. Ever since I was a kid and got my first pair of “Underoos” I was hooked! Now my underwear drawers…that’s right plural… overflow with fun styles and comfortable pairs. I look forward to giving you guys my honest opinion in the days to come.

About me:
Favorite Brands : AussieBum, Andrew Christian, Baskit
Favorite Styles: Briefs, Boxer Briefs
Location : Warwick, RI
Size: Small


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