We have had the great opportunity of reviewing Croota underwear a few times since their creation and it has been no less of a thrill.  They have been busy over there creating underwear for the creative, style conscious, and the playful.  The WW-III selection from their World Collection is our interest for this review and honestly, this one pair proved they are ahead of many in the game.

At first glance, something about these stands out.  That would be the pockets on both legs.  It’s not a large pocket, so don’t think you can get pack happy!  It’s a small pocket that could come in handy to store something to help you out a great deal in the near future.  Who knows what may happen when you wear these Australia square-cuts.  When you pull them on, go ahead and put something important in a pocket for your night out.

The pouch had to be my favorite asset to this pair.  It provides you the much needed room for your assets and allows them to push forward.

I give this collection an A+ for creativity.  The color combination is terrific.  This pair, as pictured above, is called Ultramarine.  It has an white waistband with two stripes of coordinating colors.  As the major accent, the rear features the country letters AUS, accompanied by three stars.

The fit was perfect and hugged the body as it was meant to.  As mentioned, the pouch offered a generous amount of room.  I can’t express in words how well they fit me.  The tag is sown so that it is not irritating to the back.  On the tag, the advice given was “Best Before: Marriage.”  That’s awesome!  I have worn these through busy days at school and around town and I have also worn them for days sitting at work.  In either situation, they proved to be comfortable and never binding.  It’s another hit for the creators at Croota.

Fit 5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 5

You can find this Australia selection at the Croota website located at  You can choose from their numerous countries in the World Collection.  This pair was provided for review.


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