If you are a long time reader of this blog then you know we have covered Candyman for a while. Ever since they came on the scene we have brought you some of the fun and wild creations they come up with. This year is no different. They have some really creative and fun pieces that include underwear and underwear costumes.

I will say the first time I saw Candyman, I knew it would be an instant success. It’s amazing how just a little bit of fun mixed in with underwear can gain such a big following. The pair that really convinced me was the cowboy costume they had at first, the one with the chaps. Now they have branched out into underwear but kept adding to the costumes line.

There are a few themes in the collection. They are cut outs, straps, mesh, zipper, suspenders and costumes.

Candyman Mesh Pocket 9594 (1)Candyman Openings Boxer 9591 (2)Candyman Opening Thong











Cut outs:
There are quiet a few cut outs in the collection.

  • The first pair if the Mesh Pockets boxer. It has two cut outs on the seat, that are filled in with mesh. It also it has cut outs on the side. The Mesh Pockets Boxer is available in white and black.
  • The next pair is the openings boxer. It has similar side cut outs as the Mesh Pockets Boxer but above the pouch it has a triangle cut out. I can’t recall the last time I saw this in a boxer. The pair has a fitted pouch. Its available in black and green.
  • Lastly is the Openings thongs. There are many different patterns/colors but they are all the same they have an opening in the pouch at the top and in the back where the strap meets the waist band. You can get this in camo, stripes and more!

Candyman Mesh Boxer 9592 (2)Candyman Flake and Mesh Brief 9590 (4)

Candyman Mesh Boxer with Metal rings 9520 (1)Candyman Tull Brief 9589 (4)


Mesh is something that has been going on in men’s underwear for about two years strong. It’s a trend that keeps on going.

  • They have the Mesh Boxer. Which are mesh with a solid pouch. If you are a mesh fan you will love these. They are available in black, blue, green and White.
  • Next up is Flake and Mesh brief. This pair has a mesh side and flake finish in either blue or Magenta. It kind of reminds me of snake skin but not over the top.
  • Candyman does underwear with shiny fabrics, and that continues with the Boxer Mesh with Metal rings. It’s Solid colors on the legs and mesh on the side with a metal ring in each side. Between the legs is solid black and looks pretty cool. I really like the look of this one.
  • If you are looking for a brief then you should try the Tull Brief. It has a solid pouch and seat but mesh on the sides. It’s available in green, blue or black. There is a similar cut with the Tull Thong.

Candyman Boxer Cross Strips 9576 (2)Candyman Thong with Multi Thin Straps 9564 (3)Candyman Net Brief 9583 (3)


  • The Boxer Cross Strips. It’s a full pouch with strips that connect the pouch to the back. When you see it from the back it appears to be a solid boxer. Its a very interesting piece. It is only available in black.
  • Now be warned the straps are not for the shy. The Thong with Multi Thin Strips is not one you will find on the conservative scale. It’s a thong with a full pouch and straps that attach from the pouch to the rear strap. It’s available in blue and black.
  • Maybe you want something a little more conservative? Well the Net Brief is just a bit more conservative. But not by too much. Its another thong like pair with net look straps from the pouch around to the back.

Zippers and underwear? Yes, and it looks pretty cool as well.

  • The pair that I had to profile is the Zippers brief. Its a brief with the Candyman waistband with a solid color with a zipper that runs from the front to the back. That is outlined in white on the black pair and matching gold on the gold pair.

Do you want something different and sexy? Then the Suspender line is for you. There are two different styles. The thong and boxer. Without seeing the pic you may ask what are these? well they are thongs and boxers with suspenders that go over your shoulder. They have a definitely interesting factor. These are not something you will wear to the office but they could be a lot of fun in other places. The thong has multiple suspenders and a more g string cut. Whereas the boxer has a fuller cut but other then the pouch the remaining material is mesh. The thong is available in white and black. The boxer is available in blue and black.

Candyman Seductive Navy Captian 9557 (3)Candyman Naughty Officer 9500 (2)

Candyman Be My Hero 9579 (1)Candyman Fix My Engine Handyman 9580 (1)Candyman Men of the Night Vampire 9551 (1)

A coverage of Candyman would not be complete without going into the new costumes. They are a lot of fun and can really spice things up!

  • The first new one is the Seductive Navy Captain. Which is a boxer brief with a blue/white pouch, solid white with red piping and captains wheel on the right let. You also get the cap and sailors scarf.
  • The Naughty Officer is one if you like police. It’s a boxer with blue, of course, and mesh back. on the left leg is a badge print and the pouch is detachable.
  • Super Hero Outfit. Now if you want to save the world then you should see the Super Hero Outfit. It’s a boxer with a utility belt looking waistband, red brief and blue legs. It also comes with a cape.
  • Fix My Engine Handyman. If you have ever wanted a sexy mechanic now is the time to get one. It’s a boxer with suspenders in grey. It even has a pouch for your tools.
  • Vampires are all the craze lately and the Men of the Night is a vampire costume that vampire cape and a black boxer that has a detachable pouch with bat wings on it.

This is whats new with Candyman. It’s a very interesting and diverse collection. Candyman is made for guys who want to have fun with their underwear. That includes the bedroom with the costumes. If you want something different and not conservative then check out the new Candyman line! We will post the pics of the line on our Facebook Page this afternoon!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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