I know we pretty much just do underwear. But, we know you guys like more then just underwear. We try to include things we think you will like that sorta tie into undies. One area is the world of active wear. It’s clothes you wear to the gym, train in or run in. It can be a really fun category. With that said, today’s post about it is very fun, it’s from N2N Bodywear. I am not sure you could wear this to the gym, but they make some of the sexiest and funnest activewear around. Our friends at 10Percent.com sent us these and we will include a link to each one.

N2N Bodywear Raider X Wrestler Singlet

Not your typical singlet. It’s lower cut then ones wrestlers use and made from a spandex mesh material. It comes in a variety of colors and are you man enough to wear a pink singlet? If so check out the N2N Bodywear Raider X Singlet!

N2N Bodywear X-treme Wrestler Singlet

The X-treme Wrestler singlet is similar to the Raider singlet. However, this one has a solid spandex material. It’s available in white, red and blue.

N2N Bodywear Sheer Runner

Last up is the N2N Bodywear Sheer Runner. It’s a pair of running tights with mesh cut outs. Again this is not one you will see someone running down the street in, well not in my neighborhood, but again N2N makes a lot of fun things. They are constantly coming out with new and sexy gear.

You can find all these at 10Percent.com






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