I hope you are having an awesome summer! We welcome you to part 1 of the Swimwear Guide for 2011. Due to some logistical problems we are having to break it up this year. But, that doesn’t mean it’s any less awesome. We have some really great swimwear for you this year and hope you go out and buy some.

This guide features a new model named Ben. If you are a Facebook fan/like of UNB you saw the behind the scenes pics I took with my iPhone at the shoot. Now you get to see the good pics! We will be doing a profile on him in the next week so you will find out all about him. I also want to thank Brian Kaiser of Seven Continents to stepping up to the plate and taking the pics on a great day at Lake Lanier here in Georgia. Actually they were take the day the rapture was to happen, but all turned out well!

I hope you enjoy this and look for the next installment very soon

Undergear.com – Tactics Batik Print Trunk

This pair is one which has a modern take on tie dye. It will definitely get you some attention on the beach. It can be worn as your main suit or as a cover up for something a little smaller. The pair is a polyester material with a velcro fly and a liner. The pair is $39 from Undergear.com

Undergear.com – Tactics Competition Trunk

For those of you wanting a little less coverage but not quite going to a swim brief then you should look at the Tactics Competition Trunk. It’s a square cut style. It is a nylon/spandex blend fabric and is only available in Black. It is $35 at the Undergear.com site. See another picture below.

Undergear.com – Tactics Star Print Cargo Swim Trunk

Are you a fan of board shorts but don’t like the length? Do you want something that won’t feel so bulky? Then the Tactics Stars Print Cargo Trunks maybe just the pair for you. They are you like traditional Board shorts but with a shorter cut. The suit is made out of polyester, has a Velcro fly and fully lined. It is only available in the color combo as shown. It is available at the Undergear.com site for $39.00

N2N – University Sport

If you have been looking for a smaller swim brief but with great support then the N2N Bodywear University sport is going to be one you want to look at! It has a smaller cut but a full pouch and seat. It is available in Gun Metal Grey, Royal Blue (pictured) and Black with different inset colors. The material is a nylon/spandex blend. It is available on the N2N Bodywear site for $36.00. See another picture below

Andrew Christian – Team Swim Shorts

Andrew Christian is one of the most loved Underwear Designers on our site. When ever we do anything, everyone goes crazy over the brand. If you have their underwear you need to try their swimwear. This is a fast drying suit made out of polyester, with retro styling on the legs. Notice the 82 print on the front while the back pocket has the Andrew Christian Logo on the pocket. Again perfect for the guy not wanting to show a lot at the beach or makes a great cover up! This is available from the Andrew Christian Website for $59.00

N2N Bodywear – Tropic X Bikini

We aren’t leaving the guy out who likes smaller cut swimwear. This is another great pair from N2N Bodywear. It’s the Tropic Bikini. It has a much smaller cut then traditional bikinis. It also has the really fun print, which is very much a Hawaiian print. The website says this is the hottest pair this side of Waikiki. The pair is a nylon/spandex blend with out a drawcord. This pair is available from the N2N Bodywear site for $35.00. See another picture below

ES Collection – London Swim Brief

ES Collection is one of those brands that isn’t super huge yet in the US. I think they make some of the hottest undies and swimwear around! The pair we feature here is the London Swim brief. It’s available in a few colors; White, Royal, Red (pictured), Black, Charcoal and Navy. It has a unique pattern on the back, click the read more button at the bottom to see more! The pair is the a nylon spandex blend. This can be bought from the ES Collection website for 70 Euros.

ES Collection – Los Angeles Swim Short

Again we have something for everyone! This is the ES Collection Las Angeles swim short. It’s a shorter cut in the world of men’s Trunks. It can be a perfect cover up for the London swim brief above or worn on it’s own. It is a semi fitted pair made out of 100% polyester. The pair also has two side pockets and one back pocket. The pair comes in Turquoise (pictured), green, black, navy and red. It is available on the ES Collection website for 75 Euros.

N2n Bodywear Dolphin

Have you been looking for a pair with a little personality? Then you need to check out the N2N Dolphin. It’s sort of a mix between a square cut and brief. It has wider lets and waist elastic, with a really cool pattern. It is a nylon spandex blend with no draw cord or lining. The colors available are Deep Coral, Deep Purple (pictured) and Deep Navy. It is available at the N2N Bodywear website for $36.00. See another picture below.


Frank Dandy – Stars Swim Short

Do you want something more traditional? Then you need to check out the Frank Dandy Stars Swim Short. It is a traditional swim short length. The pair has two pockets on the side, made out of 100% polyester and lined. The colors available are green (pictured) and blue. They do have matching undies as well! This pair was furnished by Kingston Lounge Now, the official distributors of Frank Dandy in the US. This pair is available for $75 at the Frank Dandy Site.

Underwear Station  – Intymen Classic

Do you want a traditional full cut swim brief? If so the Intymen Classic is perfect. It would be an ideal pair to wear on the beach and it shows off just enough without showing too much! Not everyone wants to wear super skimpy swimsuits but they still want style and comfort. The pair is polyester/spandex blend, draw sting waist and is only available in black.  This pair is available on the Underwear Station website for $34.76

We hope you enjoy Part 1 of the UNB Swimwear Guide. We will have the other part at you very soon! It is still being shot and will be up as soon as we can! See more pictures below!

Tactics Competition TrunkN2N University SportN2N Tropic X Bikini

ES Collection London BriefN2N Bodywear Dolphin



Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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