After spending three months in Italy, David came back to the states with a new respect for underwear.  He fell in love with the style, comfort, and fabrics used in European underwear.  Since being back in the U.S., he has developed a fondness for high quality underwear such as 2xist, Go Softwear, and by far his favorite, an Italian company, Intimissimi.

Keith is a boxers kind of guy.  Although he has a soft spot for Ginch Gonch, his favorite underwear is whatever comes in a 3 or 4 pack from Target.  David hopes this will change with his introduction to some of the finer threads that he and Keith will be reviewing.  After reviewing their first two pairs, Keith is starting to realize how much of his life he’s wasted wearing bargain brand underwear.

This seamless underwear line features a series of mesh patterns from Jamaican to Signature.  We were given the Jamaican and Square patterns to review.  Both patterns are available in a variety of colors.  The Jamaican Mesh is available in Euro Gray (reviewed), Modena Red,  Jet Black, Midnight Blue, Sky Blue, Iris Yellow and Paparazzi Pink.  The Square Mesh is available in Black (reviewed), Amparo, Lily Green, Vanilla, Euro Gray, and Sky Blue.  The array of vibrant and subtle color choices allows for anyone to find a pair that will meet their tastes.

As for fit and function, we were hesitant to wear them for an extended amount of time given their mesh appearance. Who really enjoys skin to jean friction? The Jamaican Mesh, once put on, stretches to have an open mesh that makes skin visibility quite high and quite sexy.  The Square Mesh does not open as much, but shows just as much skin. This exposure made us wary of putting them on under a pair jeans or another harder fabric.  However, fears aside, we were pleasantly surprised at the comfort and support they provided.  They have no visible pouch in the front, as they are a unisex brief, but were able to expand where necessary to allow for comfort.  A more endowed individual, however, may have difficulty getting a proper fit.  There are two sizes to the briefs and possible larger size would accommodate more in the front.  That limitation in size choice does lead one to believe that these are meant for smaller individuals.  The material combination of 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex is quite breathable and, to the touch, feels as you would expect an Italian Jaquered product to feel.  All in all they are a comfortable, attractive and very sexy pair of underwear.

Attractive (Sexy)
Ultra Soft Fabric

Hand Wash Only
Lack of Sizing Options
Frontal Fit

Fit 3
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 3

*Out of 5*



There were furnished for review by Boqari


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