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   We had a busy week this past week at Topdrawerswith all kinds of great new stuff arriving just in-time for Valentine’s Day!The new Long Stemmed Silk Knit Brief Rose from Mansilk is such a great gift idea: one of Mary Green/Mansilk’s popular ulra-light silk knit mini briefs expertly folded into the shape of a flower and presented on top of a rose stem with a red ribbon accent. Such a fun, romantic gift!

Also for Valentine’s Day we just received the fun Heart Repair Rocco boxer brief from Diesel – featuring one of Diesel’s popular stretch cotton boxer briefs in a cheeky retro all-over print with a matching themed Heart Repairman red gift box. We’ve also added a Valentine’s Section to the website this week to help you find that perfect gift for the lucky man in your life.

Besides our love-themed items we’ve also received some beautiful new briefs and boxer briefs from C-IN2 this week in their popular Pop and Stripes seasonal collections, in cheerful new colours for Spring 2012.

Continuing the cheerful colour theme we also received some fantastic new low-rise briefs and trunks from Private Structure in a wide range of fantastic, eye-poping colours sure the brighten up your day!

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After spending three months in Italy, David came back to the states with a new respect for underwear.  He fell in love with the style, comfort, and fabrics used in European underwear.  Since being back in the U.S., he has developed a fondness for high quality underwear such as 2xist, Go Softwear, and by far his favorite, an Italian company, Intimissimi.

Keith is a boxers kind of guy.  Although he has a soft spot for Ginch Gonch, his favorite underwear is whatever comes in a 3 or 4 pack from Target.  David hopes this will change with his introduction to some of the finer threads that he and Keith will be reviewing.  After reviewing their first two pairs, Keith is starting to realize how much of his life he’s wasted wearing bargain brand underwear.

This seamless underwear line features a series of mesh patterns from Jamaican to Signature.  We were given the Jamaican and Square patterns to review.  Both patterns are available in a variety of colors.  The Jamaican Mesh is available in Euro Gray (reviewed), Modena Red,  Jet Black, Midnight Blue, Sky Blue, Iris Yellow and Paparazzi Pink.  The Square Mesh is available in Black (reviewed), Amparo, Lily Green, Vanilla, Euro Gray, and Sky Blue.  The array of vibrant and subtle color choices allows for anyone to find a pair that will meet their tastes.

As for fit and function, we were hesitant to wear them for an extended amount of time given their mesh appearance. Who really enjoys skin to jean friction? The Jamaican Mesh, once put on, stretches to have an open mesh that makes skin visibility quite high and quite sexy.  The Square Mesh does not open as much, but shows just as much skin. This exposure made us wary of putting them on under a pair jeans or another harder fabric.  However, fears aside, we were pleasantly surprised at the comfort and support they provided.  They have no visible pouch in the front, as they are a unisex brief, but were able to expand where necessary to allow for comfort.  A more endowed individual, however, may have difficulty getting a proper fit.  There are two sizes to the briefs and possible larger size would accommodate more in the front.  That limitation in size choice does lead one to believe that these are meant for smaller individuals.  The material combination of 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex is quite breathable and, to the touch, feels as you would expect an Italian Jaquered product to feel.  All in all they are a comfortable, attractive and very sexy pair of underwear.

Attractive (Sexy)
Ultra Soft Fabric

Hand Wash Only
Lack of Sizing Options
Frontal Fit

Fit 3
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 3

*Out of 5*



There were furnished for review by Boqari

Andrew Christian is giving you two great items. The first is a limited edition pair of underwear. It is the Limited Edition Tighty Whitie Punked Brief. It’s got a great price for the next day as well only $14.97

Next is the Show-it Tech Competitor Trunk. If you like more Jammer style and you want to show it off then this is the perfect pair for you. Its got longer legs then regular trunks.

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If you’re looking for a stylin’ fashion jock and you don’t mind showing off a bit then you’re going to love Jockstrap Central‘s new mesh jockstraps from L.A. designer DMK. What makes this jockstrap design really stand out is its unique paneled mesh pouch. Where the the panels join, they form two vertical stripes that not only accentuate but compliment the natural contour of your package without obstructing the view.

The sheer fabric is not only partially see-through but has a sheen that’s flattering against the skin with just the right amount of stretch to ensure the perfect fit. The final welcome touch is the super-soft elastic DMK uses for both the waistband and leg straps.

Jockstrap Central has the new DMK Mesh Jocks in four delicious colors – ice blue, orange, black and white

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Easter is a time for chocolate eating, fish eating and maybe some church-going (apparently there’s a whole religious side to Easter, who knew?)

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Our designers at Body Aware have been busy concocting even more interesting and unique underwear ideas, and their latest style is now on the shelves! The C-String Full O’ Joy is small, but very powerful. Gravity defying and glistening, the soft contouring satin pouch surrounds your nether regions and is held up by just the sheer force of your happiness at having found the perfect underwear design (and a cleverly designed silicon frame). Take a look now, since stock is limited.

What else is new to Body Aware? Well, you may have heard of the latest sportswear sensation, the Skinsuit. We have just launched the first in our range of form-fitting sportswear for men, and our newest addition, the Greek God Skinsuit, is just what Zeus would have worn had he a sewing machine and lycra at his disposal.

We’ve received many of our most popular styles back in stock, with new colors as well.  We invite you to take a peek at our Ultimate J-String, which  incorporates lightweight fishnet with a bold waistband.

And finally, for those special nights of love, check out our sensational range of lubricants and love oils from Kama Sutra.  Use them as a treat to yourself, or with someone special, and enjoy the full range of edible flavors, including strawberry, champagne, chocolate, and more.

At BodyAware we strive to provide you with the best in quality, care and customer service.  You will find our designs unique, infinitely wearable, and only available through  Our products are made at our state-of-the-art facility in the USA, and constructed by some of the best lingerie seamstresses in the business.  Don’t forget to take a look at our BodyAware Facebook page.  We love to hear from our customers and fans, and you can tell us what you think and what you would like to see on our Facebook fanpage.

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Palace Trunks has some great new undies from Boqari. We reviewed some a while back and they are super comfy. If you are looking for something new and fun you need to check them out!
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This review is majorly overdue.  I received these at the end of July and then I attended Magic/Curve.  Shortly after, I battled with a short illness that put me over a month behind with my reviews.  That being said, I want to apologize to Boqari for getting this up so late.

Here is what Boqari says about their underwear:

“Our Mission is to design the sexiest, most comfortable men’s underwear in the world.’ says designer JJ Boqari.  “These designs are sexy, modern, sleek…like nothing you’ve seen before.  And they look equally sexy on men and women.  In fact, most of our designs are gender fluid.  We think everybody is sexy.”

I found that the underwear comes in two sizes…S/M (28-33) and L/X (34-40)…with me being on the L/XL side.  I pulled them out of the package, thinking that these would not fit me.  To my surprise, they did fit.  They didn’t ride down (you know when a size is too small and they won’t stay up), bind, or anything to make them uncomfortable.

The Jamaica Mesh is the pair I received.  I wasn’t sure about the back being a series of holes and was concerned about how that would work during the day.  I decided to wear them on a day I wouldn’t be doing much.  If needed, I would be in a position to take them off.  The mesh really didn’t bother me, in fact, due to the no-seams material.  I will admit that I judged a book by its cover when I took them out of the package.  I knew right away I wasn’t going to like them because they wouldn’t fit me and the mesh would drive me nuts.

Another judgment I had was the seamless material.  I won’t mention another brand name, but they had a seamless pair that lost its shape.  They were simply not well made.  I was hoping these wouldn’t do that and they held up awesomely.

Fit 4.75
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 4.5
Daily Wear 4.5
Overall 4.7

I say you have to sometimes try undies outside the box.  I really liked these even when I didn’t think I would.  They are super fun and sexy.  You can check them out at the Boqari website.  These were furnished for review.