Coming Sept 29th 4 NEW Mckillop Pouches

Mckillop U/W is a unique boutique brand focused on design and quality over prints and mass production. Each component that touches your body has been carefully selected to be the utmost in comfort and style.

In their latest collection “Classic 2.0” their pouches are made from a finer count of mesh as well as a new non sheer modal version that is softness at its best. Their new fabrics and waistbands bring a heightened level of masculinity and sophistication to their signature pouch. The Mckillop Classic 2.0 pouch is also cut a little bit larger in the front and our contents labels now cover the back seam for added softness.

The Large expandable pouch enhances your natural movement; while our soft, breathable mesh and modal, cups and holds you in place naturally without any legs straps. (Optional Support Ring included). Also the higher the waistband sits the more WOW factor, you will receive.

We couldn’t show you the new mesh but they are the same cut but MESH!


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