We bring you a very cool interview with  Eric Boisvert – President / Designer of Gregg Homme. Every year at Curve I get to meet with Gregg Homme and it’s always a highlight to see what they design. They have always mixed technology and fun. They aren’t afraid to push the envelope on men’s underwear.

Gregg Homme has had a few lines come out this year; could you give our readers a brief overview of the new lines?

This new collection is definitively certified provocative: our rubberlike fabrics, our smartly engineered transparencies, our ultra soft microfibers and our intricate trims all make this collection very eye catchy. With collection names like SCANDAL, TEASE, STEAM and KINK , I think that it is clear that we are working towards making men’s blood pressure go up (or it is their partner’s?). The “pièce de résistance” is irrefutably the XCESS collection: an astonishing ultra fine gauge microfiber (goodbye fabric, hello second skin!) with a brilliantly designed low cut front pouch enhanced with three light metal alloy X’s (yes, “XXX”). And for the most impudent, the XCESS collection gave birth to a bolder family member: the PIMP collection recreates a parallel “XXX” world where mesh and transparency work together to create a feast for the eyes.

Did you have an inspiration for this new collection?

It is my responsibility (with my team) to stay informed on all new trends within the fashion business. We read a lot, we travel a lot, and we listen a lot. But don’t let it fool you: our best inspirations do not come directly from fashion but from day to day products, accessories and experiences.

Which line was the most fun to create?

I have to admit that the KINK was a real challenge: I wanted to push that group very far with that unique fabric that we had developed (a hyper stretch liquid touch microfiber). The combination of that material with the leather like buckles was hours of pleasures. The result is simply astonishing. This is a top arousing collection…definitively.

Gregg Homme is known for making sexy underwear for men, but each year you innovate, how do you keep pushing undies further and further?

Men are evolving, getting more and more comfortable with their sexuality so we have no other choice but to rewrite the standards season after season. It is time to give back to men the sexy underwear they have been craving for. The men of today have stronger needs to seduce and they have the guts to express it: they are ready to move up one notch and it’s exactly where we are taking them

I have seen your undies at Curve you do some innovative processes in men’s underwear, why do you feel it’s important to bring new technology to men’s underwear?

The fabric and the fashion fields are in constant quest for newness. Bringing technology in fabrics (especially stretch fabrics) is playing an important part in the evolution of underwear. Let’s face it: we need to reinvent the wheel every day with a very small piece of material: it does not give us a lot of options when you get to think of it. Technology combined with the right level of creativity is the right path to deliver the sexiest underwear of the planet.

Is there anything in men’s underwear you will not do, either in style or materials?

I love that question! At Gregg Homme, we have no limitations when it comes to materials and styling and that there is nothing that we will not do if we know that our fans need it. Actually, we are trying to think of it before they even know they need it.

Find Gregg Homme at http://www.gregghomme.com . Below the break see the pics we took at Curve in Aug, 2011!


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